Why use Footy Tipping Software?

Footy Tipping Software allows you to run a tipping competition on a single PC, network, intranet or the Internet.

Footy Tipping Software aims to bring you the most time-efficient, enjoyable and easy to use office pools software available in the market today. We are certain to have a solution for your needs.

The Latest News

The Final 8 Calculator is back!
Confused by the AFL or NRL finals system? Visit our AFL or NRL Finals calculator to see how the results of each game in the finals affects each team.

World Cup Rugby (starts Friday 18th Sept) edition now available at half our normal price with FREE web hosting of our Web edition for your Rugby World Cup competition.

AFL 2015 Footy Tipping Software is available. The AFL Home & Away season starts a little later than usual on Thursday 2nd April 2015.

NRL 2015 Footy Tipping Software is available. The NRL Home & Away season starts on Thursday 5th March 2014.

Rugby Super 15 2015 (aka SuperRugby) is available. The S15 Home & Away season starts on Friday 13th February 2015.

English Premier League Soccer 2015/2016 Tipping Software is available.

A-League 2015/2016 Tipping Software is available.


Tipping software for your PC or Network.
Our Desktop edition will allow you to run your competition on a Single PC or across a Network.

Tipping software for your intranet or for the Internet.
Are you running your software across a network in the office? Do you have the system administrator on your back? Our Web edition will allow you to run your competition on your intranet or on the Internet.

eTipping - the complete online tipping solution.
If you would like to increase traffic and loyalty to your site or would like a means to stay in touch with, and reward, current clients we would like to introduce eTipping. eTipping is a complete system to get people to your website to enter and check their tips. Where they go from there is up to you!

Customise your competition!
Do you know how you want your competition to look? We provide the service to achieve your design goals through customisation.

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