Compare the customised and non-customised versions

Branding of the right kind. The purpose of this screen is to allow email tippers to enter their password and select for which round they wish to enter tips. If you choose to use our customisation service this screen will display your company logo, company message, particular images or colours.

Your company's logo could appear as a shortcut to the program on a customer's desktop.

Customer's Website
Customised email add-on login
Customised email add-on tip entry screen


The above screen is where your email competitors enter their tips for each round, they then click on the 'email' button to have their selections automatically sent via their email program.

The competitor ladder screen
Non-customised email add-on tip entry screen

See screen captures of the customised tipping software and customised web edition, or find out technical information about logo sizes in the email add-on.

Thinking about customising? Contact us, and a member of staff will be in touch as soon as possible. We currently charge any customisation work at $150 per hour + GST.