Logos and the email add-on

The email add-on can be customised with various graphics. There are standard placements for these graphics, but they should only be seen as a guide.

As for graphics file formats, we would prefer any pictures to come to us as vector based (line) graphics produced by programs such as in Adobe Illustrator (.ai, .psd), Corel Draw (.cdr), or Macromedia Fireworks (.png), rather than raster (dot) graphics with extensions such as .bmp, .gif, .jpg, .tif. This allows us greater flexibility with sizing the graphics to fit into the software.

The standard sizes for the various logos are:


Location Notes Size
Login Screen This graphic is displayed on the logon screen. The fields for the Tipper ID, password and round are placed over this graphic. 320 x 215*

Tips Entry Screen

This picture will fill the whole bottom of the window, and controls such as the wild card selection and Knockout picks have to sit on top of this. 443 x 91*
Large Program Icon The program icon is installed on the users Desktop, and will be seen the most. Please keep the number of colours to 16 if possible. 32 x 32
Small Program Icon The small icon is shown in Programs Menu off the Start Button. The same restrictions with colour apply as with the large icon. 16 x 16
* suggested values, any size graphic can be used within reasonable limits.

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