Reduces network traffic, increases program speed

The file has been created to aid in the implementation of Footy Tipping Software network-wide. It does this by copying the majority of the program files onto the workstation, whilst leaving the database on the network drive for all to read. It will also alter the pathing in various files to correctly reflect the drives and directories as per the install. This means that users will be executing and running the software on their computers and not across the network. Naturally this greatly reduces the amount of network traffic therefore increasing the speed with which the software responds.

Running this file also creates the needed icons on the workstation, including a shortcut on the desktop. Once you have downloaded the file client.exe you should put it into the same folder on your network as your copy of Footy Tipping Software. Then double click on that file from the workstation on which you want the software installed.

Workstation Client Installer
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Note for System Administrators.
If you do not wish the Client Installer to offer the choice of destination directory to your users or wish it to run 'unattended', ie not to any questions of the users whatsoever so that you can add it to a startup script then please search for 'client.exe' in the program Help file for instructions.