The Grand Final - LIVE - on the Internet

Magic 693 (A local Melbourne Radio Station) is broadcasting the Grand Final Live via the Internet and Progressive Networks RealAudio software. You can tune into the braodcast and listen to Kevin Bartlett and team as it happens by obtaining the receiving software via Progressive Networks WWW Site, and then tuning into Magic 693's WWW site for the duration of the game.
Links also available via my Main Footy page to the Magic 693 Page

The Grand Final on TV

(& Grand Final Parties)

So far this is the list of confirmed showings of the Grand Final on TV Stations around the world. If you know of other showings, please Email me and I will add it to this list.

New Zealand

Colin (, Says:
The grand final is live on Sky at 4.30pm.

Colorado; USA

Paul McGregor ( Says:
The granny is being showed here in Colorado on PSN (Prime Sports Network) at10.00pm (Mountain Time).

Oklahoma City, OK; USA

Scott Hubert <> Says:
Here in Oklahoma City, it is on September 29th, 11:00pm CDT on Prime Sports, Cox Cable-37, Multimedia Cable-43

Salt Lake City, Utah: USA

Karl Wall <> says:
The grand final should be shown live on the Prime Sports Network (PSN) at 22:00pm Friday Sep 29th, MDT(Mountain Daylight Time). This has been confirmed by the PSN Rep.

San Francisco, California: USA

Robert Solazzo <> says:
Sports Channel Pacific (SCP) is a cable station available as part of a Basic cable package here on the west coast USA. SCP is broadcasting the Grand Final live at about 9.30 p.m. Friday 29 Sept..
For those in the San Francisco area, I have heard there will be a Grand Final party held by the Australia-American Chamber of Commerce. Last year about 300 people attended. Says:
The address for this function in San Francisco is:
The Boathouse
One Harding Park Road
(On Lake Merced)
San Francisco

Queries can be directed to Rob McDonald at (415) 863-9463. The night includes Aust beer, Four n Twenty pies and a chook raffle. The location is a 15 minute cab ride from downtown.
John Langford <> Says:
I've found the details for the Grand Final Party in San Francisco. The flier reads:

Welcome to the 7th Annual Old Bridge Cellars Grand Final Party
Live via Satellite
Friday 29 September 1995
Pre-game show starts at 8pm
The Boathouse One Harding Park Road (on Lake Merced) San Francisco
For Information call Rob McDonald, Old Bridge Cellars on 415 863 9463
Australian Beer and Wine Specials, Chook Raffle, Four n Twenty Pies
Event brought to you by Old Bridge Cellars and The San Francisco Australian American Chamber of Commerce.
Also, Radio Australia can be heard in California via a short wave radio receiver. They broadcast 3LO's transmission of the game on Friday night, usually! It's not Rex, Sam, etc. but it's better than nothing!! [This how I used to keep up to date when I was Overseas: Darryl]

Newport Beach - L.A., California; USA

The Grand Final will be shown on Prime Ticket network "1 hour delay" on Friday29th.
If you prefer to see it LIVE, Trophy's Sports Bar & Grill (Just 500 metres south of John Wayne Airport, Newport beach) will be showing the game "live" off the satellite for the party goers of the Australian American Chamber of Commerce (Orange County Chapter). It'll be beer, meat pies(genuine article), tomato sauce(no ketchup!) and chook raffles all night long. For those in Southern Cal. - L.A. & Orange County it's a MUST be there situation!

Boston, MA; USA

Tyler Bourke <> Says:
I can tell you that the GF will be shown live in the Boston area on Sportschannel, which is the local outpost for Prime Sports, starting at midnight on Friday Sept 29. Their number is (617) 933 9300. Highlights of the Preliminary finals will be shown that day at 3pm to 4pm.
Last year a local bar, Daisy Buchanan's (Back Bay area I think), had it on a big screen. Bruce McA even sent out his greetings to everyone there at the start of the broadcast. Don't know if they are doing the same again this year.

Norfolk, VA; USA

Des Cook <> Says:
The Aussie Rules Grand Final will be shown live in Norfolk and Virginia Beach Virginia USA through the COX Cable Network. It will be shown on Channel 35 (Home Team Sports) starting at midnight Friday 29 September.

Seattle, Washinton: USA

Frank Arrigo <> says:
The grand final will be shown live on cable, on prime. In most areas, that's channel 15. It is scheduled for 9pm, Friday September 29.
Charles Albertson <> says:
In Seattle, Prime Sports Northwest is airing the Grand Final on Friday night, September 29, at 9:00 p.m. Pacific Daylight Time.

Florida, USA (GlobeLink Marketing - Melinda Boyette) Says:
Well I am disappointed in the local cable company here, they are not showing the Grand Final and have no intentions of showing any time before November.
Leigh Ellery <> Says:
Called Sunshine Network in Orlando (407-648-1150) and they are definitely carrying it live starting at midnight. Replayed on October 1st at 12pm. You bloody beauty. (Richard H. Curtis) Says:
Cox Cable, our local TV cable service, advises that the Aussie Rules Grand Final will be televised live on "The Sunshine Network (SUN)" begining at midnight Friday, Sept 29th.
In Gainesville, Florida, "SUN" is Cox Cable Channel 14.
I understand it will also be rebroadcast at noon on "SUN" on Sunday October 1st in those areas where SUN is on cable during the daytime (Unfortunelately, in Gainesville it is not).

Dallas, TX; USA

F R Allum <> Says:
The Grand Final will be shown on PSP (formerly HSE) at 2300hours CDT in Dallas,Texas.

The Grand Finals will be broadcast in Houston, Texas at 11pm Friday night on PRIME Sports (cable). On Warner Cable, that's channel 37.

Garland, TX; USA

Robert Higgins, Says:
In Garland, Texas, the AFL GF will be on Prime Sports (TCI Cable Channel 37).

Odessa, TX; USA

Caroline (, Says:
The Grand Final will be shown in Odessa, Tx at 11:00pm on Friday, Sept 29th on cable channel Post Newsweek PSP Channel 45.

Manhattan, NY USA;

John Austin <> Says:
For those in Manhattan, there is a bar called Australia the Bar showing the game live on a big screen. They plan to have meat pies and sausage rolls available on the night as well. The screening starts around midnight, 29th September.
The address is 1733 1st Ave (near corner of 91st Street), New York, NY The phone number is (212) 876 0203
They are also showing a rerun of the Rugby League Winfield Cup final before the big game.

Pittsburgh, PA; USA

Matt Warburg (, Says:
Highlights from the Preliminary Finals will be shown at 3pm on Prime Sports KBL (channel 67). The Grand Final will be shown live at midnight (EST) on the same channel.

I got my new TV Guide and the Grand Final will be on in Chicago on Sportschannel Chicago at 11:00 pm CDT (Chicago time).

Northern *Indiana* and South Western *Michigan* (Andrew McGowan) Says:
In Northern *Indiana* and South Western *Michigan* the coverage is as for Chicago: SportsChannel, the local PRIME affiliate, at 11pm in Indiana and 12 midnight Michigan (which is an hour ahead).

Atlanta, GA; USA

John Jackson Says:
The Grand Final is due to be televised here in Atlanta on SportsSouth at midnight next Friday - thus a direct telecast. However, SportsSouth do not always stick to their scheduling and last week delayed the replays of the first week of finals for an hour or so by showing a local Atlanta soccer team playing soccer against Montreal - so beware.

Alabama; USA (John shore) Says:
Sportsouth Network will have live coverage commencing at 23:00 hrs (Central Time) Friday 29 Sep in the Northern Alabama (and I would imagine most of Georgia) region.

Maryland, Virginia, and District of Columbia; USA

Barry Johnson - BJohnson@WorldBank.Org Says:
The Grand Final is on Home Team Sports (HTS) starting at midnight Friday...

Salina, KS; USA

The Grand Final will be on Prime Sports Network starting at 11:00 pm CDT U.S

St. Paul, MN; USA

Jim Langenberger (, Says:
The Grand Final can be seen live on Prime Sports (cable) beginning at 11 PM.

Toronto, Canada

Paul Ekert <> Says:
The Grand Final will be broacast live on TSN (the Sports Network, cable channel 30) at Midnight, 30th September. This time is for the Eastern time zone, in the west it will be 3 hours earlier (I guess)

Canada (All) (Charles Micallef) Says:
Cable Sports Broadcaster TSN (The Sports Network) showed highlights of the first round of the AFL finals last Friday (the 15th) for one hour. This Friday (22/9/95) at 9pm EST they will show for one hour highlights of games played this past weekend.
On Friday September 29th highlights of the first & second preliminary finals will be shown at 5:30pm and the Grand Final to be shown live at Midnight (all EST).
TSN is available on cable all across Canada. Not one of my favourite channels since they used to show weekly AFL games years ago but for fans living here TV exposure is limited to the finals.

England, U.K.

Sharanya Jyoti Majumdar <> says:
Highlights of the Preliminary Finals will be shown on Friday September 29th at 7->9pm on Sky Sports.
The Grand Final will be televised live on Saturday September 30th from 4:30am, BST on Sky Sports. For those who need their sleep, the Granny will be replayed between 10am-12 noon, BST on Sky Sports later that day.
Radio Australia can be picked up on 15530 kHz on a shortwave radio.

Sembawang, Singapore

David Weeding and Kelly Rodger >< Says:
The Singapore Australian Rules Football Club (aka The Mighty Wombats) are holding a Grand Final Party with coverage of the game, at the Eagle Club, Pakistan Road, Sembawang, Singapore, 1400 hrs. Entry $S25.

Orchard Rd, Singapore

Phillip John Stanley >< Says:
I do know of a pub in Singapore that shows delayed telecasts of AFL games on Saturday night but the pub is very small and I expect it to be packed. Excalabur Pub, Tanglin Centre, Singapore. It is at the top of Orchard Road next to Orchard Parade Hotel

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