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Declaring "It's time for an organization in the US and Canada to promote the most exciting sport in the world, Australian Football!", Wade Hinkle (Executive Vice President /COO) and Rob de Santos (CEO), announced the formation of the Australian Football Association of North America (AFANA).
de Santos, developed the idea with Hinkle as a logical outcome of the campaign de Santos led, successfully, to use fan pressure to get coverage of the Australian Football League (AFL) back on North American television.

They also saw in the campaign substantial proof that there is a large base of fan support in the US and Canada, yet there was no umbrella organization to serve them.

The campaign was run through the Internet and de Santos and Hinkle responded to a growing number of requests to form an organization for fans from all over the continent. The organizers estimate that there are already at least 100,000 people in North America who regularly follow the Australian games and that those numbers would rise dramatically with greater exposure to the fast-paced game--the oldest organized form of football in the world-- to the public.

Hinkle says that with AFANA actively promoting better coverage of the sport he is optimistic that "within a few years, we will have regular exhibition matches here and tours to see the Grand Final in Australia". de Santos and Hinkle are working closely with the AFL, headquartered in Melbourne and existing amateur leagues in North America. Membership in AFANA will available for US$20., CAN$29. --a 20% discount of the standard rate-- until the end of 1996 and will be good through the end of 1997. Fans will receive such benefits as a quarterly newsletter, bumper sticker and a wide variety of related merchandise discounts.

AFANA is not affiliated with ESPN, the Disney Company, or the AFL.


Members wishing to joint should send their membership checks to:

P.O. Box 970739
Ypsilanti, MI 48917

Please include your name, snail mail address, and e-mail address. Checks in Canadian currency drawn on Canadian banks are acceptable.

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Last Updated: 25 September 1996

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