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Due to Legal and technical problems, I am not allowed to display any part of the fixture for pending games of the 1996 football season. I appologise and suggest you complain to the governing body of this sport. It is out of my hands to fight them for the right to display such public information. I can only hope that someday they will come to their senses and allow us to promote and inform others of this wonderful game without all the legal restrictions placed on such public information.

I have been refused permission to display the fixture. The AFL in it's wisdom has appointed exclusive rights to one company to display the 1996 AFL fixture on the Internet.

I would still like to obtain permission to display this fixture, It should be public information. Your help to accomplish this would be invaluable, and pressure can be directed to the AFL on: (+613 9643 1999, Fax:+61 3 9654 1143) With enough pressure and requests (especially international and intersate ones!) we should have a good chance of reversing their decision and allow me to display the fixture on the WWW.

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Author: Darryl Harvey email: {dags@netspace.net.au}
Last Updated: Thu, 27 March 1996 6:27 PM AEST
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