Grand Final Parties around the globe!

This is the list of Grand Final Parties and confirmed showings of the Grand Final on TV Stations around the world. If you know of other showings, please Email me and I will add it to this list.

Nth America Coverage info

Alan Cameron [] Says:

AFANA and the AACC - Southern California have the exclusive contract with the AFL to provide the live satellite coverage in North America. We bring the satellite feed from Australia to LA then uplink it to a USA domestic satellite.

As of now, the current list of locations that are planning special events in the USA are listed on our web site We are expecting many more locations . . .

Groups of 10 or more people who want to arrange coverage in their local sports bar should contact me or Helen Cameron or Rob de Santos.

Alan Cameron
714-675-9588 Phone
714-675-9599 fax

Dallas, TX

Wade Hinkle [] Says:
Where: Christies Sports Bar
When: 11pm Friday Night Dallas Time
What: The 100th Grand Final
Cost: Donations will be collected (Wade Allen Hinkle, AFANA Executive VIce President and Chief Operating Officer has funded this event).

Bouncedown 11:28pm Dallas Time

For directions to Chrisites on McKinney between Allen and Worthington call 214/954-1511, or call Wade Allen Hinkle on 972/234-4241 during business hours.

Christies Sports Bar
2811 McKinney Avenue
Dallas, TX  75204

San Jose, CA

[] Says:
Grand Final party Friday September 27, 9 P.M. at The Britania Arms on Almaden Blvd. by Cherry Ave Behind the Classic carwash
Tell them your there for the footy and help chip in and cover the cost of bringing the game to you.There looking at $10 a head but the more people who go for the game the cheaper it will be for us all.

Champaign, IL

Craig Buckley [] Says:
Granf Final Party at:-

Esquire Lounge Inc.
106 N. Walnut St.
Champaign, Illinois
Phone 217 398 5858


Peter Brydon [] Says:
Perran View Holiday Village
St Agnes

My father and I (Swans for life) will be watching the Grand Final on a 12 ft screen via Sky in the centre of the village. We hope to start at 5.30 but it may be 6.00. We would welcome any non blue & white company.

E-mail to
Phone 01865 61294 until Friday Lunchtime or Just turn up

Louisville, Kentucky

John Harrell [] Says:
Just wanted to let you know you can add Louisville, Kentucky, to the Grand Final Parties list. We will be watching the game starting at midnight, local time, at Maier's The St. Matthews Tavern, 3922 Frankfort Avenue. Anyone who's interested can call me at 502 584-3069.

The Grand Final will kick off a wonderful weekend of footy in the United States, as the Highlands Wildcats and the Cincinnati Sharks will play a practice match at the Cherokee Park rugby field in Louisville the next day.i

It's the first unofficial match in the history of the Midwest Australian Rules Football League, and though the game itself will be a bit casual (the field is kind of small, we're only playing 13-on-13, and neither club has their club jerseys yet from Australia) it should still prove a historic occasion in the history of Aussie Rules in the United States.

Austin, TX

Roger Harper [] Says:
Aussies Bar & Grill
306 Barton Springs Rd
Austin, TX
(512) 343-6335

New York, NY

S Miller [] Says:
Australia The Bar, 1733 First Avenue, Manhattan
(Tel: 212-876-0203)

The Sporting Club, 99 Hudson Street, Manhattan
(Tel: 212-219-0900, Bill Rose or John ?). $10 entry.

Frankfurt Germany

Peter Dreher [] Says:
Frankfurt Australian Rules Footy Club is playing Munich in Munich on Grand Final Day. The match will take place at 11 am, venue to be confirmed later this week. We will be viewing a video of the Grand Final straight after the game at an Irish Pub and all interested are welcome to attend.

We shall visit the Oktoberfest in the evening.

If anyone is interested they can contact me at this e-mail address or Malte Schudlich on +49 69 559236 in Frankfurt.

Kuala Lumpar, Malaysia

Jonathon Lipshut []
The M.A.R.K. Tigers are having a live viewing of the Grand Final on the Big screen live in the foyer of the Australian High Commission. The Beers are already chilling and the pies are warming up.

Grand Final telecast live at the Australian High Commission, Jalan Yap Kwang Seng, Kuala Lumpur

Lake Merced, San Francisco, CA

8th Annual Party, Friday 27 Sep at The Boathouse (again), 1 Harding Park Drive at Lake Merced, San Francisco

Game starts at 9pm...get there early. Game televised Live via satellite (See note below!)

The tradition continues....chook raffles, meat pies, Aussie beer and wine specials....and AFL Centenary party hats courtesy of AFL (just kidding!!!!)

For more info contact Rob McDonald 415 863 9463 or fax 415 863 9487 or e-mail

As no major network would carry the game, the Australian American Chamber of Commerce in Southern California bought the rights to the satellite coverage and are releasing the information for a fee. The contact person is Helen Cameron (714) 675-9588

Uppsala, Sweden

Craig Primmer [] Says:
Jamie and Craig (and anyone else who is interested) will be listening to the GF over the www (and having a kick of the footy at half time) at the BMC in Uppsala, Sweden. For more info email

Los Angeles, California

Alan Cameron [] Says:
See our web site for details about our GF party. . .

I'm working with Rob de Santos on the live TV . . . we have a proposal in with the AFL to get our own live coverage for North America! We'll keep you posted on its progress.

The LA party is at the National Sports Grill, 3210 West Sepulveda Blvd., (just south of Del Amo Fashion Center), Torrance, CA 90505.

We have QANTAS prizes of two trips for two to Sydney from LA, and Fosters is running a promo night, meat pies, etc. . .

Washington, D.C.

Benjamin D Smith [] Says:
Grand final party to be held at Aust Embassy in D.C. on Friday Night

Tyler Bourke [] Says:
The Australian Embassy in DC is having a function for the GF, starting at midnight on Friday. This is equal to 2pm AEST.
My friend in DC tells me you have to call up for tickets, they are limited. The cost is $20, $10 for the satellite, $10 for beers etc. That's all I know, I haven't spoken to them myself.
The general number for the Embassy is (202) 797 3000.

Seattle Washington

Jennifer Campain [] Says:
I am Executive Director of the Australia New Zealand American Society (ANZAS) here in Seattle. My husband, Dave (Aussie from Perth) has finally received satellite details just today on the Grand Final. By tommorrow, he will know which pub in Seattle will host our party.

Hey Darryl,

Here is the scoop:
Seattle ANZAS is having their Grand Final party at:

 Floyd's Place (sports bar)
521 1st Ave. N.
(Queen Anne-Seattle)
1 block North of the Key Arena.

(206) 284-3542

Shown on seven regular TVs and one big screen TV.

No time to plan anything fun other than good beer and a great crowd!! Games starts at 9:00 PM, get there when you can!

No defined cost but, San Francisco organization asks me to collect donations for their efforts in getting the satellite feed.

Denver, CO - USA

Paul Renouf [] Says:
Grand Final Party on Friday Night 8:30

Jacksons Hole Sports Saloon
Cnr. Leedsdale & Oneida
Glendale, CO


The Mighty Wombats, Singapore Australian Rules Club. 1996 Centenary AFL Grand Final Saturday 28 September 1996 at the Eagle Club, Semabawang (Pakistan Road, off West Admiralty Road). Big Screen, pies, beers. $25/head.Doors open at 1.00pm, game starts at 1.30pm.

England, U.K.

Brad Chadwick <> says: I phoned British Sky Broadcasting (BSkyB) today & found out that they will be telecasting the AFL Grand Final live at 5.30 am local time on Sat. 28th September on Sports Channel 1 (there are 3). They're a pay TV station available to pubs or the general public who subscribe. You can list me as a contact for info. on coverage in the U.K. if you like. If anyone needs more info they can call me; work (01707) 666 295 or home (01375) 361 271. Or fax (01707) 661 464.

BSkyB also show a regular delayed match telecast apparently, on Saturday afternoons at 5.30 pm - 7.30 pm on Sports 2. This programme is scheduled for Sat 21st Sep, so that will presumably be a full delayed telecast of one preliminary final, with highlights of the other. I was planning to download "Real Audio" and listen to the radio broadcasts, but if I can organise a tele that gets Sky, I might just watch the replay and pretend! I'm on the outskirts of London.

Glenn Lamb [] Says:
The GF will be telecast live on SKY SPORTS 1 at 5.30am. Replays of only 1hr 30min will be broadcast later in tje day at about 5pm and 9.30pm. The only problem is they will be on SKY SPORTS 2 and 3. Some pubs subscribe to SKY 2 but I don't know of any that use SKY 3 (it's fairly new). So the best bet is to find someone with cable/satelitte, bribe them to tape the whole 3 hours and then have a delayed GF party (as we are!). Hope this helps someone.

Know of a Grand Final party or showing in your local pub, tell us about it so we all know what is going on

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