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Update: 30 September: Thanks, Feedback, and AFANA

Part I: Updates and News

Part 2: USTV FAQ

The Centenary Season of the AFL has wound down with a great Grand Final match. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you, the TV campaign participants, for making this year a turning point for Aussie rules in North America. Grass roots action remains the most potent force in politics, even TV sports politics! The fans rose up and demanded footy coverage and we got some. In the future, we will get even more!

I will be at the "con" throughout the off-season and will keep you updated on developments including the remaining shows on ESPN2 and TSN and the situation for next season. As I've promised all along, if we need to take action for next season, we will begin whenever the situation demands it.

For those of you fortunate enough to see the Grand Final via the AFANA / AACC / AFL satellite show, I have two requests: please share with me any interesting stories about your group's arrangements or about your own odyssey to see it and please send your payments in to the AACC or AFANA as soon as you can. The bills must be paid and your feedback is very important.

These updates will, from this point forward, be sponsored by AFANA. I will gradually be replacing my personal role here by that of AFANA.

Help continue the work done this year to improve TV coverage and promote Australian rules football in the US and Canada: JOIN AFANA. Until the end of the year, individual memberships are just US$20 / CAN$29 and corporate memberships are just US$200. The membership is good thru 31 Dec. 1997! (We can accept cheques drawn on and in Canada and Australia).

Thanks for a wonderful year and Play On In '97!

Update: 27 September: AFL on TV in the US in '96!

Thanks to everyone who has participated in the campaign! Updates are on an as required basis now and new releases will occur only when there are new developments. Readers of this update on the newsgroups or Compuserve may receive it by direct e-mail by contacting the author (this insures you receive it as promptly as possible). *PLEASE* share with me any responses you receive to your e-mail, letters, faxes, etc.

Please! If you reply to this Update do NOT quote the entire Update!

This Update contains only new or revised information. If you are seeing this for the first time and are unfamiliar with the history of the campaign, require information on how to contact ESPN or the AFL, or sources of footy info and merchandise, respond to the author and ask for the USTV.FAQ and it will promptly be sent by e-mail. The most recent FAQ is V1.20 dated 30 August 1996. The next revision of the FAQ will be made in late September following the Grand Final.

The Grand Final is now just under 24 hours away. This will be the last Update before the GF. This is a summary of all of your alternatives for seeing, hearing, or computing the Grand Final.

The Canadian network TSN has declined to pick up the AFANA / AACC satellite feed due to technical issues that could not be resolved in time. Therefore what follows applies to anyone in North America.

The Australian Football Association of North America (AFANA) in cooperation with the Australian American Chamber of Commerce of Southern California (AACC) are pleased to announce that a live satellite feed of the Grand Final will be available beginning at 12 MN EDT Friday night / Saturday morning. In order to see this event you must subscribe in advance. We regret that this is necessary, however to insure that the substantial costs and tremendous investment of time and effort involved in this telecast are covered we must ask for your payment. Costs for individuals and small groups are $10 per person. Larger groups and sports bars may negotiate for a flat fee. AFANA and the AACC would like to thank the AFL for its vital support and generous underwriting in making this possible. You may submit your payment after the match but you must contact us before the match. The program is on C-band satellite.

Groups or individual dish owners can subscribe by contacting one of the following:

Pacific and Mountain Time Zones:
Voice: 714-675-9588
Fax: 714-675-9599
e-mail: anzacc@aol.com

All other Time Zones:
Voice: 304-295-7525
Fax: 304-295-7412
(After 5PM EDT today, use the AACC numbers only).

The information necessary to point your dish will be provided to you in return for your payment.

Businesses which would like to advertise during the telecast may contact Alan Cameron of the AACC at the above fax number or by voice at 714-675-9588. Advertising can be standard commercials or still shots. Rates begin at $50 for a 30 second spot. Advertising may be accepted until 5 PM PDT today.

The following cities already have parties planned or in the planning:

Atlanta, GA Call Wendy Allen, 770-426-5989
Aspen, CO no details yet
Austin, TX Aussie's Volleybar & Grill, 306 Barton Springs Rd.
Boston, MA call Brett Webster, 617-455-0776
Champaign, IL The Esquire Lounge, call Craig Buckley 217-337-1839
Cleveland, OH Harpos Sports Cafe, call Andy DeLancy 216-267-7777
Dallas, TX Call Wade Hinkle at 972-234-4241 for info
Denver, CO Jackson's Hole Sports Bar (Leetsdale & Oneida)
Honolulu, HI Murphy's Bar & Grill
Los Angeles, CA National Sports Grill, 3210 W. Sepulveda Blvd, Torrance
Louisville, KY Maier's St. Matthews Tavern, 3921 Frankfurt Ave
Madison, WI call Jim Cleary, 608-265-9076
Milwaukee, WI Major Goolsby's, 340 W. Kilbourne Av
Nashville, TN Sportsman Grille, Hillsboro Village
New York, NY Sporting Club, 99 Hudson St.
Omaha, NE Call Phil Kronk, 402-431-4914
Orlando, FL call Cindy Breslin, 407-629-6455
Pittsburgh, PA no details yet
Portland, OR Cal Sports, 1033 NW 16th St.
San Diego, CA Australian Pub, 1014 Grand Av, Pacific Beach
San Francisco, CA The Boathouse on Lake Merced
San Jose, CA The Britania Arms, Almaden Blvd by Cherry Ave behind the car wash
Seattle, WA Floyd's Place, 521 1st Ave N.
Toronto, ON The Sports Cafe, 49 St. Clair
Vancouver, BC AllStar BAr & Grill, 11435 Bonson, Pittmeadow
Washington, DC The Australian Embassy, call John Garama 202-797-3177

This list is frequently updated at:

From information provided by Burke Magnus, (magnusb@espn.com) at ESPN and from the ESPNet SportsZone web site the schedule for AFL Highlights shows is:

28 Sept  8:00 -  9:00 AM EDT Qualifying Finals 
28 Sept  9:00 - 10:00 AM EDT Semi-Finals 
5  Oct   8:00 -  9:00 AM EDT Preliminary Finals 
12 Oct   8:00-  10:00 AM EDT Grand Final 

All shows are on ESPN2.

The AFL, Radio 3AW in Melbourne, WiredAudio, and others are providing RealAudio relays of the 3AW commentary on the Internet. This relay will be available from the Foxtel Club 10 World site at http://www.club10.com.au and at http://www.wiredaudio.com.au/afl.html . The netcasts for the Grand Final will run for three hours each beginning at the following time (US EDT): 28 Sept: 12:15 AM. Commentary will be by the 3AW team of Rex Hunt, Sam Newman, Anthony Hudson, et. al. There is to be an IRC channel open for feedback and providing running game scores during the matches. Further information can be obtained from Ed Dale (ed@c031.aone.net.au) or Artie (artie@cloud.net.au). Additional RealAudio feeds may be available on the net from other radio stations.

Real time updates are available by the minute during finals matches at http://www.ozsports.com.au/football/96finals/
Further information is available from Andrew Heath at football@ozsports.com.au.

Radio Australia will be carrying the game live beginning at 12 MN EDT / 9PM PDT on the following frequencies: 15365, 15240, and 11880.

-Rob de Santos
-Vienna, WV USA

The author wishes to thank all of those who contributed the information reported herein. All trademarks and copyrights are properties of their respective owners. This update is copyright Robin K. de Santos, Vienna, WV USA. It may quoted or reprinted only for the purposes of furthering coverage of Australian football in the USA and Canada.

Part2 - USTV FAQ

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