Grand Final Parties around the globe!

This is the list of Grand Final Parties and confirmed showings of the Grand Final on TV Stations around the world. If you know of other showings, please Email me and I will add it to this list.

Overseas Coverage - TV / Satellite

Check out the AFANA pages to see when and how the finals will be covered in North America on Television and Satellite

Real Audio Via the Internet

I believe that the Club 10 WWW Site is hosting the TripleM football coverage via Real Audio. Check out their Site for details

Radio Australia also have a Real Audio feed of the finals, Glenn Lamb [] Says:-

Hi Dags,
Radio Australia now have a live feed available with Real Audio. I listened to the Preliminary final live last Saturday here in Scotland.

The URL is

So if anyone prefers Tima Lane and co. as commentators this is the place to go.

Grand Final Teams

St Kilda

Justin Peckett 1; Jamie Shanahan 31; Jason Cripps 18; Max Hudghton 8;
Darryl wakelin 15; Steven Sziller 19; Austinn Jones 5; Tony Brown 2; Nicky
Winmar 7; Jayson Daniels 34; Stewaret Loewe 23; Matthew Lappin 22; Barry
Hall 25; Jason Heatley 24; Andrew Thompson 29; Rucks: Brett Cook 42; Robert
Harvey 35; Nathan Burke 3.  Interchange: Rod Keogh 17; Robert Neill 16;
David Sierakowski 13.


Rod Jameson 35; Shaun Rhen 52; Troy Bond 18; Shane Ellen 13; Matthew Robran
10; Chad Rintoul 42; Matthew Connell 14; Darren Jarman 3; Clay Sampson 24;
Simon Goodwin 36; Peter Caven 44; Andrew McLeod 23; Kane Johnson 28; Nigel
Smart 7; Ben Hart 34.   Rucks: David Pittman 15; Kym Koster 5; Mark Bickley
26.  Interchange:  Tyson Edwards 9; Brett James 11; Aaron Keating 20.


Graeme Denny [] Says:-

Here at down town Davis Station Antarctica, we're kicking off the day with a pie and beer festival, admission is free and all are welcome, but the downside is that you will have to provide your own transport. Then the faithful will listen to game on the radio, and the rest of us prey for a Saints victory. So cheers and beers from the great white hell, Chuck.


Ewen Hills [] Says:-

The Grand Final will be shown live one Sky Sports 2 at ...0500hrs BST (English time)and 0400hrs CET (Europe). It will be replayed at 1100BST (1200CET) and possibly around midnight.Please check your TV guide closer to the date


The Redback Tavern,
264 Acton High Street will be showing a replay at Midday on the Saturday


There is a nine-a-side Aussie Rules Comp before the replay at Shenanigans Pub. All proceeds will go to the German League for the Redback Cup trip to London in April 1998

Scandinavia - Location needed

James Kijas [] Says:
Dear Darryl,
firstly let me congratulate you on a simply terrific site which I have visited regularly over the last two seasons whle living in Sweden. Now it is September again a group of us here in Uppsala are desperately trying to locate a venue to watch the big game and I wonder if its possible you might post a notice asking if anyone in Scandinavia (we will go anywhere) if they know of a place showing the match. It would mean a lot to me as last year was a fiasco, we even tryed the embassy which agreed to send a tape out from Australia they felt so bad. All we need is someone who knows where we can watch it on Sky sports.
Best regards


[So if you know of a place that has SKY sports and is willing to have a few people around for the match, please Email James and make his day...]

Craig Primmer [] Says:-

James's prayers have been answered!!! Williams, the English pub in Uppsala, has Sky Sports 2 and the owners have agreed to open up especially so we can view the replay of the big game at midday local time. The address of the pub is Oevre Slottsgatan 7, next to Universitets Parken and near the main university building. There will be hotdogs and hamburgers and expensive beer available and of course, there will be the compulsory kick-to-kick at half time. Just look for the red, white and black balloons above the door.


Craig Primmer

Orebro, Sweden

Steve Schreuder [] Says:-
my name is Steve Schreuder and I live in Orebro Sweden. I have live coverage available and will be up watching it with a few mates. The best thing about all this is that I run a pub and will obviously be having a few bevys during the proceedings. I'm actually trying to get some Coldies & Crownies delivered to the pub to make it even more like been at home. My address is []

My pub is called Scuffy Murphy's Irish Pub and the adress to the pub is Stortorget 8, 70210 Orebro, Sweden.

Cheers and now that the Cats have been knocked out I'll have to say go the Saints!

Turkey - Info Needed

Angela Tunzi [] Asks:-
I am an avid football supporter living in Istanbul, Turkey and would kill to see the Grand Final. Do you know if it will be telecast in Turkey and if not, do you know of a way I could find out. Your help would be greatly appreciated.

Can anyone help here?



Helga Cunning [] Says:

Just a quick note from The Sports Cafe and The Dingos inviting everyone to join us for a HUGE party on Friday September 26th/97 to watch the AFL Grand Final.

The Party starts at 9:00 pm at both Sports Cafe locations: 49 St.Clair Ave. West at Yonge Street in Toronto (416) 928-9525 and 55 City Centre Drive in Mississauga (905) 615-9333.

The Grand Final will be shown Live from the MCG in Melbourne on the Sports Cafe's three super screens and dozens of monitors after a Pre-game show of the preliminary finals.

Contests include Horizontal Bungee & Handball Skills, and we will also be having door prizes.

$5.00 will be charged at the door with proceeds going to charity and to the Dingos Football Club.

Don't miss out on the Football Party of the year - join us at the Sports Cafe on Friday September 26th at 9:00 pm. See you there!


Sophia Stauffer Says:

As a member of the Alberta Teachers' Exchange Club in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada we organize an AFL Final party for Australians currently here on a teacher exchange program and Albertans who have returned from an exchange in Australia. This tradition was started years ago by a non-teacher who works for a local TV/radio station and heard about our club. He invited Australians to his home to watch the final game (he had the equipment for it - I think this was back in the 60's).

We have 33 families in Alberta on exchange this year. Don't know what the numbers for Canada are but between those who come every year plus the returning Canadians, there's a "few" fans in the Great White North!


Orange County, Southern California, CA

Alan Cameron [] Says:-

The Australian American Chambers of Commerce - Southern California & Orange County invite you to a special Australian Event:


The Big Footy Pie Night

Friday September 26, 1996 at 8:00 p.m. at the Great Australian Bite, Redondo Beach, CA.

  • Fun, Food, Friends and the Grand Final . . .
  • Live TV from Melbourne . . .
  • and a QANTAS trip for two to Australia!
  • The only place in Southern California with Authentic Aussie Meat Pies, Aussie Tucker, Door Prizes and a contest for Trip for Two to Sydney, Australia on QANTAS.

    Full Buffet Dinner including Sausage Rolls, Meat Pie, Mashed Potato, Honey Carrots and Minted Peas.

    Corporate Sponsors: QANTAS Airways, Victoria Tourism & Foster's.

    Admission: $12 for members, $15 for non-members.
    includes the Meat Pie and Aussie Tucker! $5 surcharge at the door .

    Check our web site for the latest event information and QANTAS contest details.

    The restaurant location is 409 N. Pacific Coast Hwy, #200, Redondo Beach.

    Directions: From the 405 go South on Artesia, then South on PCH. On right hand side just past Beryl.

    RESERVATION FORM:  Number of people attending: ______  Number of Contest
    Tickets: _______
    Total Amount Enclosed: $_____  Make check payable to AACC.
    Address __________________________________________________
    Phone _____________	 Fax: _____________
    Home phone: ___________

    Helen Cameron, Executive Director,
    Australian American Chamber of Commerce of Southern California
    2525 Ocean Blvd. Ste. F1, Corona del Mar, CA 92625.
    Phone 213-469-6316 or 714-675-9588. Fax 714-675-9599.

    Denver, CO

    Paul Renouf [] Says:

    The attendance and fun we had at last years G.F. was fantastic. And we're doing it again this year at the same spot. Space has been reserved at Jackson's Hole Sports Saloon on Friday the 26th.

    Be there at 9PM onwards (Game starts at 10). As usual, wear your teamís colors ( even if your team came 13th - Iíll be wearing the Yellow & Black). The address is:

    Jackson's Hole Sports Bar
    990 s. Oneida (Cnr.  Leedsdale)
    Glendale, CO

    There ís no charge, buy whatever booze and grub your tum desires. (Too bad there ís no V.B., Canadian Fosters will have to suffice).

    I would like an approximate count of how many, so:

    Indianapolis, IN

    Wayne Purcell [] Says:

    A few Aussie blokes and Yanks will be getting together at a pub on the West side of Indianapolis called the Main Event. This is always a great night lasting 'til all hours of the morning. All are welcome

    Nashville, TN, USA

    David ALAIS [] Says:

    G'day Dags,
    below is the promotional flyer for the GF party. It should be a good one, the prvious years have been a hoot. As you can see we are going to start with a footy match at about 6pm. Here is Nashville we have just established a new footy club: Nashville Australian Football Club. There is actually a footy comp going in the the Mid west (MARFL), as you know (your page has a link to it). It is located a bit too far north for nashville to play in it. But, the nrearest team is Louisvile Kentucky, and they are planniung to come down to Nashville to attend our party. Hopefully, they'll be the opposition in the demo match/GF curtain raiser (sounds a bit pretentious doesn't it).

    If you could let people now we are having a match and say that everyone is welcome to attend and pull on a guernsey if they now how to play or would like to try. We'll have a little skills clinic too for anyone interested in trying their hand (foot?) at Aussir rules footy. All are welcome and should bring as many mates as they like (septic tanks or aussies, doesn 't matter). THe more the merrier.

    Thanks for the page, Dags, me an my aussie mates here in nashville couldnt live without it.

    dave alais

        1st Annual Nashville Grand Final Festival
    Friday 26th September
    6:15 p.m. Nashville Australian Football Club Demonstration Match
              (Two  halves - 20 minutes each) -
               "Kick around for all at half time"
    7:30 p.m. Barbeque - cookout (free!)
    9:30 p.m. 4th Annual Grand Final Party at Sportsman Grille
    11:00 p.m.     101st Grand Final
    Sportsman Grille.

    San Francisco, CA

    Jim Cattlin [] Says:-

    It's on again, 9th annual party Friday, 26 Sep at The Boathouse, Harding Park Drive at Lake Merced, San Francisco Game starts at 9pm

    Doors open and tickets will go on sale at 7pm for the Members Pavilion at $5 each No advance sales, first in best dressed, seat guaranteed.

    No charge in the Outer.

    For more info call Rob McDonald at (415) 863 9463

    HotPies....Chook raffle....2 tickets to Australia

    You've got to be in it to win it!!!!!

    John Langford Says:

    I'll be at Greens Sports Bar on Polk at Green (San Francisco). Dave and Serge (the owners of the bar) assure me that it will be a great night. They just installed Fosters on tap for the event.

    San Francisco, CA

    Sara Watson [] Says:

    For all those in the SF Bay area, a large group of Aussie ex-pats and football fans are gathering at Greens Sports Bar, 2239 Polk Street, San Francisco (Russian Hill area).

    Festivities will kick off around 7 pm, leading upto the live coverage at 9pm. Bring your own guernsey for half time kick-to-kick on Polk Street.

    Friday, September 26. It's all free.

    Seattle, WA

    Dave Campain [] Says:

    The Seattle Australia, New Zealand, American Society is organising a gathering of Aussie Rules fans to watch the AFL Grand Final.

    Be at Jerseys Sports Bar on the corner of 7th and Virginia at 9pm for the only Seattle celebration of the ultimate sporting event.

    There was a huge turnout last year and a great time was had by all.

    Thanks to the listing on your site there was a great response from Aussies on the net and lot of people attended that we have never met before.

    They were extremely grateful for the opportunity to get together with other Aussies on the most important day of the year.

    Contact: Dave Campain
             253 529 0771


    Damian Kestel [] Says:

    Just got word of a party/function being put together by the Aust-NZ Chamber of Commerce up here. Mark Harvey will be the compere with J.Stynes and the Rat Platten also in attenance.
    Begins at 11.30 on the great day - Cost 1,000 pesos (about A$50) with Beer, wine and soft(don't worry about that). Will be at the Hyatt Regency. A nice place to watch the Eagles do it again

    The guy to call I think is Paul Ross on (632) 816 3836.

    Have a good one

    Lae, Papua New Guinea

    Terry West [] Says:

    Hi Dags, I'm Terry,alias "Dropkick" and I run the AFL Footy tipping in Lae,Papua New Guinea. This season we have had 81 intrepid Tipsters and I can tell you that the winner will be decided on the Adelaide/ Essendon Game.I use the footy tipping software to run the comp, and I think it is an excellent programme. We have a nick-name for our tipsters. we are A.R.S.O.L'S. i.e. Australian Rules Supporters of Lae and our "Bigger than Ben Hurr" Finals Bash will be held at the Lae Yacht Club.For members + 1 Guest Aussie Pies,Hotdogs,Chips & Chichen, Keg Beer,Wine and Softdrink is Free. We are also going to have some Aussie Beer put on an Half Time. Other guests are wlcome at K20.00 per head. We have a Big Screen T.V. organised and some good Aussie RulesSongs to Blare out. Especially printed Club Shirts have also been printed. From all of us hear we hope that fellow footy fanatics enjoy their Grand Final Party wherever it is held.

    Carrrn the Crows

    Regards from Dropkick

    Wellington, New Zealand

    Anthony Doig [] Says:

    The Wellington Australian Rules Football Club is having a Grand Final Show at Lovelocks Sports Bar from 3pm on the big day. The game will be shown live on Sky Sports on the 170 TV monitors in the bar, starting at 4pm. Spin the C.U.B. Wheel for a free Victoria Bitter each time you go to the bar !!! Raffles and spot prizes during the night.

    Know of a Grand Final party or showing in your local pub, Tell us about it.. so we all know what is going on

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