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SANFL Grand Final

Norwood 3.4 6.5 13.8 19.12 126
Port    1.2 3.3  4.7  7.11 53


 NORWOOD: Cunningham, Pitt, Harvey,
          Bowman, Eastaugh, Jarman, 
          D'Antiochia, Obst, Clements, 
 PORT:    Ginever, Northeast, Carr,
          Pedlar, Tredrea


 NORWOOD  West, Harvey 3.0, Cunningham 2.4,
          Pascoe, R James 2.1, Bassett 2.0,
          D'Antiochia, Eastaugh, Clements,
          Molloy, Rowe 1.0, Cook 0.3, 
          rushed 0.3
 PORT     D. Smith, Pedlar 2.1, Borlase 1.2, 
          Fiegert 1.1, Ashley 1.0, R Smith 0.2, 
          Bond 0.1, McGuiness, rushed 0.2

Umpires: Ron, Bettridge, Kevin Chambers, Derek Woodcock

Crowd: 44,161

Jack Oatey Medallist: John Cunningham (Norwood)


  • Q: Whats a Port fans biggest nightmare?
  • A: The Adelaide Crow's winning the AFL Grand Final and Norwood thrashing Port Adelaide in the SANFL Grand final.
  • You !@#$ beauty, to win a grand final is great but to totally thrash those pathetic Magpies in a Grand Final makes it so much sweeter. It was good last week with the Crow's winning but this week its a million times better.

    Headlines from todays (Monday's) Advertiser:

      "Redlegs Run Riot"
    "Norwood Stand Tall"
    "Premiership Confirms Legs As Best"
    "Fired up Redlegs do it for captain Macca"

    Norwood ended all speculation that they fold under finals pressure by destroying a pathetic Port Adelaide in one of the clubs greatest grand final victories. The Redlegs claimed their 27th premiership trophy by thumping the Magpies by a massive 73 points (Ports BIGGEST EVER loosing margin in a Grand Final).

    Norwood started the game without the inspirational Garry McIntosh. Macca was suspended by trial by video after last weekend game for striking Centrals wingman Stuart Dew. Norwood though used his absence as inspiration and ran through a banner which demanded "Do it for Macca as he would do it for you".

    One of Port's big mistakes was made before the match started with their selection committee only picking one recognised ruckman in Brett Chalmers, while Norwood went in with three, Simon Eastaugh, Aaron Keating and Andrew Pascoe. The Port move backfired just 15 minutes into the game when Chalmers went off limping and did not come back onto the ground. From then on Norwood's big men dominated the centre square and gave Norwood's small men first use of the ball.

    The first half was close and though Norwood had most use of the ball they failed to capitalise on the scoreboard. In the third quarter (where true champions put up their hands) Norwood stepped up a notch and started to totally dominate kicking 7 goals to Ports 1. In the final quarter Norwood continued on their merry way and if it was not for a few late goals to Port the margin would have been a lot higher.

    John Cunningham was awarded the Jack Oatey Medal for being the best player on the ground. John after under going a knee recontruction in April this year was given no show to play any games in 1997, but due to his never die attitude he managed to play a couple of reserves games before being called into the league side for the prelim final. The rest is history as he destroyed Port in the Grand final with his blistering pace and 2 brilliant goals.

    After the match, I headed off to the big party at Norwood Oval with a few mates which included the great and now truely legendary Stephen Searle (for those who don't know Stephen is a mad Glenelg supporter and used to post these results to the newsgroup before I took over). Even though Stephen is a Glenelg supporter he went to the Grand Final and as all true South Australian would do supported the team that played Port.

    He was fairly quiet during the match but once we arrived at Norwood Oval he started to warm up. At first he wandered round trying to find his hero Jim West (an ex Glenelg player now with Norwood) and abused a few Port idiots who turned up (they must have wanted to know what true champions are like). Not finding Jim West he headed onto the dance floor and with a Norwood scarf around his neck and a plastic bag with Norwood's logo on his head bopped away until around 3AM.

    From there we decided to head into town, and cruised down Hindley St and past a few night clubs. By this time Steve was really into it and was hanging out of the car window yelling "Go you Redlegs", "Norwood are the champions", "Norwood Premiers 97" and waving my scarf at any poor soul or car that happened to pass by. After a few laps of Hindley St we decided to head home, but Steve not finished for the night decided to moon a few cars down King William St and ANZAC Highway as well as abusing a car full of Port idiots. Oh it was great night.

    Favourite moment:
    Stephen Rowe's screamer of a mark in the goal square in the final quarter. A quote by Stephen on radio today was that he was so high off the ground he could see all the Port supporters leaving in the car parks. :-)

    Anyway thats it for the SANFL this year, keep an eye on my web site ( for some Grand Final pictures and any news that may pop up during the off season. Until next season, cya and:

    GO YOU MIGHTY REDLEGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        NORWOOD - PREMIERS 1997

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