Grand Final Parties around the globe!

This is a list of Grand Final Parties and confirmed showings of the Grand Final on TV stations around the world. If you know of other showings, please Email me and I will add it to this list.

Live broadcast via Real Audio on the Internet

I believe that the Triple M (Melbourne) are broadcasting the AFL finals via Real Audio. Their normal broadcast is also on air 24 hours a day.

 1998 Grand Final Parties
North America
Canada  California

Dale Paynter [] Says:
TSN in Canada has confirmed LIVE coverage of the Grand Final on Saturday, September 26th @ 12:30 am Eastern Time (or Friday, September 25th @ 9:30 pm Pacific Time)

Hope the CFL or Baseball don't run overtime that night.

Calgary, Alberta;
Wendy Woolf [] says;
Just to let you know some canadians are "revving" up for the Grand Final.
I cant believe "my" team is in it again.  North, Yes..
The party is at "SHANKS" in the north west. 
The exact address is: 
103 Crowfoot Terrace NW
Calgary, AB
T3G 4J8.

If anyone wants to join me, thats were I will be watching it.
I hope there are some other fans in Calgary.

Redondo Beach, California;
Ian Cesa [] says;
The Australian-American Chamber of Commerce and "The Great Australian Bite" are holding a Grand Final Pie Night at the Great Australian Bite. Richard Shaw of "The Bite" has arranged a live feed from Channel 7, who will also be broadcasting live from there at half time.
Everyone welcome.

San Francsico, California;
Jim Cattlin [] says;
It's on again! 10th Annual Grand Final party. Friday 25Sep. The Boathouse, Harding Park Drive at Lake Merced, San Francisco Hot Pies, Chook raffle, win 2 tickets to Australia Tickets for the Members Pavilion got on sale at 7pm for $5.00 each on a first come, first served basis. No advance ticket sales.
The Outer - no charge!
Further info call Rob McDonald 415-863-9463

David Campain [] says;
Len and Pat Reid (e-mail: will be hosting a GF party on behalf of ANZAS (Australia New Zealand American Society) Seattle, starting at 8.00pm.  For details contact Len or Pat
Phone: (425) 865 0375.
Denver, Colorado;
Paul Rrenouf [] says;
Right, the telecast has been confirmed, the dogs eyes are gettin' made, and pubs ready for us. This years GF is at Jackson's Hole Sports Saloon. Bring your jumpers. Bring your thirst. Bring you best barracking spirit. No charge, just buy your own booze and grub at the joint. It's located on the corner of Parker & Onieda. Not to far from Parker & Monoco. About nine o'clock then? For more info., contact: Paul (303) 233-1202

Pacific Rim
Philippines Papua New Guinea 
John Stimson [] says;
ANZCham have organised along with the Hyatt in Manila a 10am start to Grand Final Day for around 300 fans. Tickets sold quickly with the memories and stories of last year's great day still fresh in the mind. Here's hoping the result will also be the same! Go Crows!!
Terry West [] says;
The Aussie Rules Supporters of Lae Tipster's Club,better known as the
"A.R.S.O.L.'S" will be hosting what we hope will be the biggest Grand Final Bash ever held in Papua New Guinea.We have 98 members,some come from as far away as Khazakstan,Myanmar,New Zealand and Australia.Our overseas members keep in touch through the Internet.
The Lae Yacht Club is the venue and Kick off time 1300hrs 26th September.The match will be viewed on a Big Screen T.V. plus other T.V.'s strategically placed throughout the club.For Members and their guest,admission is free.For others,the cost is a paltry K20.00 (about Aud 14.00).This covers the cost of keg beer,V.B. Cans,Wine and soft drink and heaps of food including Footy Franks and especially made for the occassion, meat pies.So for any Footy Fanatic who happens to be in Lae on the Day,the Yacht Club is the only place to be.
Members are encouraged to get decked out in their best football finery,complete with War Paint.Most members will also wear their designer made Club Shirts depicting their Club Colours and the A.R.S.O.L'S logo.At half time prizes will be awarded to our Best and Worst dressed supporters with a few mystery prizes thrown in for fun.The winners of the years Tipping competition will also be presented with their cheques.Needless to say they will be prevailed upon to buy a keg or two for the rest of us.
New Zealand

Anthony Doig [] says;
12 Bond Street, Wellington (phone 473 1311)

From 3pm, Saturday, 26th September
$100 bar tab up for grabs.
TAB open for betting on the game.
Anthony Doig
Wellington Australian Rules Football Club
Wellington, New Zealand

Phone :+64 4 380 8897
Fax   :+64 4 385 7764
Mobile:+64 21 632 062
Web   :

A Cry for help!

Rodney Marks [] asks;
I'm currently wintering over at the Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station in Antarctica. I've checked out your site for the past few years, but this year it's especially valuable, being as I am at the most poorly connected place no tele, no radio, and even the satellite goes down about half way through the second quarter, so I can't keep up with the commentary at The Age.

I have a question, which maybe some of the ex-pats can answer. I want to get someone to video tape the granny, and any other finals that might be telecast, and have it sent down to me at opening. The catch is that, since this is an American base with American VCRs, it has to be in NTSC format. So it would probably have to be someone in the US or Canada.

I would be very grateful for any help you could provide, or any of the ex-pats. Even though my team bombed this year (I won't embarrass myself by naming the Melbourne satellite city in question), I really miss home and especially the footy in September, so it would be fantastic to see some of the finals action, even if it is a couple of months late.

Anyone who can help would be suitably reimbursed of course, either in moolah or south pole paraphernalia.

[Darryl: Can anyone assist here, It would be great to find someone who could send a NTSC tape down to this guy with a few of the finals matches on it.]

Know of a Grand Final party or showing in your local pub, Tell us about it.. so we all know what is going on

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