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TFL Round 8

This will be the last you get from me regarding the TFL as I am leaving for Melbourne midweek - and miss the state game on Saturday, though it will be on TV in Victoria.

During the week -

New Norfolk player coach Rod Grinter signalled his intention to quit at the end of the year. The club brought this forward somewhat, to leave the struggling Eagles coachless and without their most experienced player for the rest of the season.

Matthew Armstrong, stil injured, stated that he will be going all out to be fit for the state game. I can't see it myself, the Bombers would be impressed if he came back early, got injured in that, and sat out the rest of the season.


At Boyer

New Norfolk         1.2     5.3      7.6     8.7 ( 55)
Northern            3.2    10.4     12.5    17.10(112)

Last hosting first, this was always going to be an easy win for the Bombers; but New Norfolk at least showed more fight than the last two weeks. This game marked the return of Darren Trevena for the Bombers and a return to opportunistic goalkicking from veteran Steane Kremerskothen, who topped the scoring with five. The Eagles were well served by Sproule, Gilbee, Grima, Kirkwood and Blackerby and Rainbird's three goals from limited opportunity was a good effort. For the winners McLean dominated, Gibson, Kremerskothen, and Trevena played well and Nathan Howard continued his great recent form. A solid, and all too predictable, win for the Bombers to maintain top spot.

At North Hobart Oval

Southern Districts  4.5     6.7      9.8    11.11( 77)
North Hobart        2.2     7.5      8.13   10.15( 75)

Sweet revenge for the Cats, after the five point loss to North Hobart in round one. After trouncing the Eagles last week for their first win the Districts made it two in a row to keep in some sort of touch with the five. A quite good all round pressure performance from both sides resulted in a display somewhat below par at times in terms of disposal, but an entertaining anyway. Tim Scott in the ruck for the Cats was a standout, and the way the Cats have found to get goals on the board seemed to work well, McGregor playing a part in opening the forward line but not always being the focus of the attacks. Another defender is required so Routley can play up forward as well and the Cats could be a good side. The midfield was even, with troy Clarke stopped by some good work various Demons. For the Demons Allison was around the ball a lot, but sometimes failed to do much with it and the Deans both played servicable if not outstanding games. Not a game to worry the premiership favourites that there might be a smokey around, but still a good game of football.

At KG5

Glenorchy           1.1     4.2      5.6     6.9 ( 45)
Clarence            2.6     7.10    10.16   11.18( 84)

Glenorchy seem to have a habit of looking like they can play as well as Clarence, but never really getting the score to convince anyone that they actually have. In the end this game was more notable for the injury list than anything else; Scott Allen and Colin Alexander both injured for the Roos, though perhaps not seriously, Steven Cox (brother of cricketer Jamie for those who note these things) with suspected broken ribs for the Magpies as well as Styles doing his ankle, Struthers a knee and Gourlay missing with the 'flu. The Magpies missed the chance to close in on the five, adn next face the Bombers at York Park; so may well slip further back.


At West Park

Burnie              2.1     5.3      8.4    12.8 ( 80)
Devonport           7.1    11.4     17.11   17.12(114)

I tipped this, almost. Actually I said Burnie easily but at least I got the easily bit. The Power blasted out of the blocks adn the Dockers were too shocked to come back, as Devonport took an all too rare win at West Park. The return of Beechey bolstered the Power defence and players such as Jones, Grant Guard, Fabian Carelli and Wayne Weidemann would have brought a smile to, state coach, Andy Bennett's face as they were best for the Power and Ken Rainsford chipped in with his usual four goals. For Burnie Errol Bourne was again good, Leigh Heath and Anthony Whitehead - the focal point of much discussion between these clubs in the early and preseason - showed the way, but other than Keenan Reynolds none of the Dockers midsize and larger players did anything.

                          W      L        %       PTS
NORTHERN                  8      0      187.8      32
CLARENCE                  6      2      141.2      24
BURNIE                    6      2      120.2      24
DEVONPORT                 4      4      118.2      16
NORTH HOBART              4      4       76.7      16
Southern Districts        2      6       93.2       8
Glenorchy                 2      6       83.7       8
New Norfolk               0      8       47.4       0

Next Week:

TFL v VFL, North Hobart Oval.

Its hard to tip these games, but I'll say Tassie because its at North Hobart, the TFL have knocked over the SANFL and Westar Rules there in recent years and should have won against the VFL at the MCG two years ago. So TFL, with no confidence.

The state squad is still at around 30, and will not be culled until Friday night - other than by doctors and the tribunal. As it currently stands the squad is:

Scott Allen, Clarence
Matthew Armstrong, Northern
Ben Atkin, Glenorchy
Paul Beechey, Devonport
Brendon Bolton, Northern
Jeremy Brereton, North Hobart
Matthew Brereton, North Hobart
Campbell Black, Clarence
Errol Bourn, Burnie
Dale Chugg, Northern
Troy Clarke, Southern Districts
Anthony Cole, Clarence
Brad Davis, Burnie
Jason Gibson, Northern
Grant Guard, Devonport
Paul Hamilton, Glenorchy
Nathan Howard, Northern
Darren Jones, Devonport
Scott Jordan, Glenorchy
John McCarthy, North Hobart
Andrew McLean, Northern
Keiren O'Dwyer, Clarence
Nick Probert, Southern Districts
Ken Rainsford, Devonport
Keenan Reynolds, Burnie
Adam Sanders, Northern
Shayne Stevenson, Southern Districts
Darren Trevena, Northern
Darren Winter, Burnie
Wayne Weidemann, Devonport

All clubs except New Norfolk are represented in the squad, Northern Bombers with seven players topping the list.


South Launceston 25.19.169  df  South Burnie 11.10.76
Wynyard 16.11.107  df  Launceston 5.11.41
Scottsdale 15.14.104  df Ulverstone 8.16.64
East Devonport 23.15.153  df  Penguin 0.4.4 (lowest club score ever)
Latrobe 9.13.67  df  Smithton 6.9.45

South Launceston    176.4     24
East Devonport*     179.1     20
Ulverstone*         156.8     20
Scottsdale*         132.1     16
Wynyard*            102.4     12
Launceston*         102.1     12
Latrobe              97.2     12
Deloraine            95.2     12
Smithton*            76.5      8
South Burnie         56.1      4
Penguin**            39.0      0


Channel 9.19.73  df  Lauderdale 6.5.41
Sorell 11.9.75  df  Cygnet 9.11.65
Claremont 17.12.114  df  Hobart 7.14.56
Huonville 17.13.115  df  Kingston 9.13.67
Lindisfarne 13.11.89  df  Kermandie 8.9.57

Channel             201.5      36
Brighton*           226.8      28
Cygnet*             178.6      20
Sorell*             136.8      20
Claremont*          135.6      20
Huonville*          122.7      20
Kingston*           103.4      16
Hobart*              82.3       8
Lauderdale*          65.3       8
Lindisfarne*         29.0       4
Kermandie*           30.7       0

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