Grand Final Parties around the globe!

This is a list of Grand Final Parties and confirmed showings of the Grand Final on TV stations around the world. If you know of other showings, please Email me and I will add it to this list.

Live broadcast via Real Audio on the Internet

I believe that the Triple M (Melbourne) are no longer allowed to broadcast the football via the internet (Thanks AFL),

But the AFL are now broadcasting the audio from the channel seven coverage of the game, you can get the details from the slow and over graphic'ed AFL website. If anyone knows of other broadcasts, let me know

 1999 Grand Final Parties
North America
Canada  Wisconsin

Dale Paynter <> says;

CTV Sportsnet will be carrying the Grand Final Live starting at Midnight EDT on Friday Night (Sept 24th/25th).

Highlights of the Preliminary FInals will be shown on Tape Wednensday, September 22nd at Midnight (Ontario Region)

Milwaukee Bombers Football Club <> says;


The Milwaukee Bombers are happy to announce that they will be holding a Grand Final Party on Friday 24th September. It will be held at Major Goolsby's located at 340 W Kilbourn Ave, MILWAUKEE (one block down from the Bradley centre opposite the Hyatt). Local kick off time will be 11:30pm and we will be meeting there from around 9-10pm. There is no cover charge and we look forward to seeing everyone there.

 New York


David Alais <> says;

Just a quick note to let you know my old club in Nashville, Tennessee USA
is putting on another grand final festival (an aussie rules tournament in
nashville on GF weekend, a party on GF night, and a black tie ball.

Be sure to put the following link on you list of GF parties:

BTW: this site is worth checking out. Nasho Kangas are the most developed
and organised club in the USA, showing the way for all the other fledgling

New York

Leanne Bouvet <> says;

Apparently the Tribeca Sporting Club is showing the Aussie Rules Grand Final again this year

Sporting Club
99 Hudson Street
at: Franklin Street. 
New York 10013 
tel: (212) 219-0900 

1, 9 at Franklin St.
United Kingdom


Skills <> says;

Walkabout Inn in Islington is showing it live - contact them direct

Off-Shore in York way is also showing it live - contact them direct

The Wildcats are having a huge party at a secret location before heading south to claim a trophy left behind in Clapham a few weeks ago

See for further details on this and the AFL game at the Oval between the Dons and the Hawks

Pacific Rim
Australia Papua New Guinea 


Eddie <> says;

Theres a large house grand final party in Malvern, Melbourne

All welcome. beer and televisions supplied. Party after at the house.

Irving Avenue
Off Dandenong Road!!!!.


New Zealand

Know of a Grand Final party or showing in your local pub, Tell us about it.. so we all know what is going on

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