Last updated: End of Round 22, 29 August 1999

How does your team rate;

 pos  team                    rrr
   1  Brisbane                125
   2  Essendon                120
   3  North Kangaroos         115
   4  Western Bulldogs        115
   5  WestCoast Eagles        106
   6  Sydney                  104
   7  StKilda                 102
   8  Carlton                 101
   9  Port Power               95
  10  Geelong                  95
  11  Richmond                 93
  12  Hawthorn                 92
  13  Adelaide                 92
  14  Collingwood              87
  15  Fremantle                85
  16  Melbourne                85
      home teams               +4
      interstate               +8


OK. It's official. The Lions will win the flag!!? The computer certainly has them as surprisingly warm favourites.

The rankings haven't changed much recently:
the top four separated themselves from the rest after Sydney and then WestCoast dropped off the pace. It's convinced that Port doesn't belong in the finals, that StKilda ought to be there instead, that Hawthorn wasn't that unlucky to miss out, and that Collingwood isn't the worst team going round.

This ranking attempts to best fit the season's results: by taking account of which teams have beaten which and by how much. It is based only on the rounds played this season. For example, a team that has had close wins over only bottom-half teams may rank below a team with narrow losses to top-half teams and a comfortable win against a bottom half team. The ranking also allows for two levels of home ground advantage -- interstate and within state. As only this season's results are used, more detailed home ground advantages can't be estimated.

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