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TSFL Round-up - Grand Final


To the Glenorchy Football Club on their 1999 Premiership, it was well deserved.
To the Clarence Reserves who broke their 20 year old Premiership drought by downing the Bombers
To the Clarence Colts for winning the SFL Premiership against Glenorchy, which they dedicated to injured Clarence Footballer David Wood, who was at the game.
To Ben Careless, a very much deserved winner of the Darrell Baldock Medal.
And finally to all the Clubs for another great season of entertaining football.


Careless, Hemley, Styles, Green, Hamilton, Stevenson, Kappler, Parker, Fooks, Foale, Jordan, Atkin, Longman, Ryan, Newett, Carter, Kaye, Bernes, Kamaric, Ryan, Glenn, Cox.

M. Chugg, Blackwell, Faull, Sanders, D.Chugg, Curtis, Trevena, Hawkins, Green, Savage, J.French, Howard, Gibson, Jones, O'Neill, McLean, Walker, Bolton, Todman, Taylor, Williams, Kremerskothen.


BEST: Glenorchy: Careless, Hemley, Bernes, Newett, Jordan, Stevenson, Kaye, Atkin.
Northern Bombers: Sanders, Howard, McLean, Curtis, D.Chugg, Walker.
GOALS:Glenorchy: Bernes 5, Stevenson 3, C.Ryan 2, Kappler 2, Careless, Parker, Carter.
Northern Bombers: Kremerskothen 3, Gibson, Savage, Trevena, McLean.
REPORTS: A.McLean (Bombers) for tripping B.Atkin (Glenorchy) - not guilty
S.Hawkins (Bombers) for striking B.Careless (Glenorchy) - 1 week suspension
S.Blackwell (Bombers) for striking B.Atkin (Glenorchy) - 1 week suspension
The scene was set for the showdown of the year, and that it was. Glenorchy continued their magnificent charge through the finals to take out the 1999 TSFL Premiership by 46 points. The Magpies were on fire early although the Bombers Jason Gibson kicked the first goal, Glenorchy answered the call by booting 4 goals in the same amount of time. The backline of each team proved to be the most vital contests of the day. Chris Hemley proving to be the cornerstone of the defence, he marked or punched clear, everything that came his way, and his massive kick sent the Magpies into their forward line, time and time again. Two goals by Shayne Stevenson in the dying minutes of the second quarter saw Glenorchy with a 15 point lead going in to half time. By the then the game was up for grabs and with a crucial move of Matthew Bernes, who had been well tagged by Bomber Brendon Bolton, into the forward line, saw the Magpies take a 6 goal lead. Then in the final quarter they booted 5 more to seal the game. The Magpies most valuable and effective player around the ground was Ben Careless who took out the Darrel Baldock Medal, his dominance around the ground was exceptional. Scott Jordan dominated the ruck against Mclean, and the victorious captain David Newett and Ben Atkin were fantastic. The Bombers sorely missed Adam Aherne but their problem seemed to stem from the dominance of the Magpies midfield. Adam Sanders was the best of the Bombers, followed closely by Nathan Howard and Kim Curtis. The victory spells the end for some of the old guns of the game. Former captain Michael Styles bows out as does Stephen Cox, Crai Carter and Brendan Parker for the Magpies. Also their is doubt over whether Paul Hamilton will resume his coaching role next year. All in all it was a well deserved victory, and I'm sure the celebrations will continue for players and fans after their 12 year premiership drought.


N.Longman (Glenorchy) - Broken Thumb
C.Ryan (Glenorchy) - Cut Mouth
A.Sanders (Bombers) - Concussion


CLARENCE 14.15.99
defeated Northern Bombers 8.9.57
BEST: CLARENCE: S.McKenzie, B.Geappen, G.Stirling, J.Penwright, S.Bowering, T.Anderson.
Northern Bombers: Not Supplied.
GOALS: CLARENCE: T.Martin 4, B.Geappen 3, M.Calvert, J.Westbury, J.Hall, D.Green, S.Bowering, S.McKenzie, R.Weeding.
Northern Bombers: B.Leonard 3, R.Deverell 3, D.Roach, M.Towns.


CLARENCE 13.10.88
defeated Glenorchy 8.8.56
BEST: CLARENCE: S.Whitelaw, J.Viney, I.Callinan, T.Whitelaw, N.Paine, K.Youd.
Glenorchy: H.Street, B.Sweeney, J.Walker, A.Richards, D.Millhouse, G.Hanlon.
GOALS: CLARENCE: T.Whitelaw 4, I.Callinan 3, T.Davidson 2, D.Wood 2, S.Russo 2.
Glenorchy: J.Gleeson 2, S.Salter, A Chandler, J.Ackerley, B.Geeves, H.Street, L.Carannante.

This will be my last official report for this year..... but I'll continue to update stories as they happen, although I will do a 'Season that was' story in a week or two!

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