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Westar Grand Final

Westar Rules Drivesafe Cup 1999 - GRAND FINAL

Saturday October 2
WEST PERTH  6.4  9.8  11.9  14.13 97
SOUTH FREMANTLE  3.1  8.1  10.5  11.6 72
GOALS - West Perth: C Kelly 4, P Symmons 2, B Fewster 2, G Britten 2,
B Logan, J Bruce, R Skender, D Morrell. South Fremantle: G Taylor 3, M
Clark 2, B Bootsma, S Schell, P Maher, P Worsfold, A Grover, Z Parsons.
  BEST - West Perth: C Kelly, B Fewster, K Rigoll, C Lasscock, A
Curley, P Symmons. South Fremantle: C McGrath, A Clancy, T Delaney,
P Mann, B Bootsma, G Taylor.
Umpires: B Rosebury, M Fussell, W French.
Crowd: 25,473 at Subiaco Oval

Well it's all over and I haven't updated for two months. Sorry about that. Here's the Grand Final result for '99. The Falcons must have got awfully carried away with their win, because the back page of today's Sunday Slimes showed the entire team in the raw, crowded around the premiership cup in the locker room. Ah well, some people get off on some very weird things. I have no idea what was on the mind of the photographer. :P

Seeya all next year,


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