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Westar State Game

Saturday June 19
WESTERN AUSTRALIA  1.3  8.7  13.11  20.12 132
TASMANIA  5.4  6.6    7.8  10.14  74
   GOALS - WA: Tregenza 10, Parsons 3, Ferguson, Ambrose 2, Stockden,
Delaney, Hasleby. TAS: Aherne 3, Gaby, Allen, Beveridge, Atkin, Carter, Gibson,
   BEST - WA: Tregenza, Wilson, Bootsma, Ambrose, Turnbull, Burton.
TAS: Trevena, Guard, Atkins, Howard, Allen, Read.
Umpires: M Fussell, B Rosebury, M Williams.
Injurie - WA: Turnbull (shoulder), Rayner (shoulder), Crabb (concussion).
Crowd: 6000 (approx) at the Sir Richard Moore Sports Centre, Kalgoorlie

Welcome to a slightly different wrap-up this week. No, I'm not here to harp on about Westar Rules, I'm here to harp on about the mighty Sandgropers and their victory over Tasmania this weekend. The state games are always promising clashes, but never seem to be able to deliver the close ones. Last year, Western Australia was beaten by Tasmania in Tasmania, and this year, in the mining town of Kalgoorlie, Western Australia was victorious.

East Fremantle's Rod Tregenza kicked a massive 10 goals to haul Western Australia to victory over Tasmania, securing him the Simpson Medal for the best player on ground. The Sandgropers won by 58 points in front of a 6000-strong crowd at the Sir Richard Moore Sports Centre in Kalgoorlie. Scott Simister was last week suspended for one match and it was by virtue of this that Tregenza was allowed to play at full forward. The Tasmanians came out firing in the first quarter, kicking 5 goals to 1 to lead by 25 points at the first break. The TSFL's leading goalkicker, Adam Aherne, kicked 3 goals in 15 minutes in the first quarter, but didn't kick another major, as the boys from the Apple Isle managed only 5 goals to WA's 19 after quarter time. Docker Matthew Burton dominated after quarter time, and Sandover Medal favourite Brad Bootsma played another great game to continue his good form. Two West Coast players, Ryan Turnbull and Jaxon Crabb were injured during the game, Turnbull could miss two matches, while Jaxon Crabb is expected to be fit for next week.

WA's coach, John Annear, was more than happy with his team's result, their first victory in four years. "Obviously it's been a great result today and in time it'll be interesting to see how it was rated and interesting how the players felt I handled it," the former Collingwood, Richmond and West Coast midfielder commented. The star for the Sandgropers was Tregenza, who was modest as always, "I was getting a bit of the ball and I thought I was doing alright, but to get 10 was good." Tasmanian coach Andy Bennett reflected on his side's demise by saying, "We're very disappointed that we were unable to maintain our best for the last three quarters."

                 P  W  L  D   F    A     %   Pts
SOUTH FREMANTLE 10  9  1  - 1127  667  168.9  36
SUBIACO         10  8  2  -  955  505  189.1  32
WEST PERTH      10  8  2  -  971  560  173.4  32
EAST FREMANTLE   9  6  3  -  963  659  146.1  24
CLAREMONT        9  4  5  -  707  818   86.4  16
SWAN DISTRICTS  10  4  6  -  781  931   83.9  16
PERTH           10  3  7  -  663  878   75.5  12
EAST PERTH      10  2  8  -  580 1074   54.0   8
PEEL            10  - 10  -  498 1153   43.2   -

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