What our customers have said about Footy Tipping Software

Gordon Wakelin-King
Footy Tipping Administrator
Petroleum Exploration Soc. Aust.
In my 30 years' working experience with consumer & technical software you remain the gold standard in customer support.
Kim Lingard
Footy Tipping Administrator
John Wiley & Sons
I've been using this program since 1998 for both NRL and AFL plus some Soccer at times thrown in for good measure. What a great program, so easy to use. It took me a while but this year I'm now fully online. An enormous change and how easy is my life going to be moving forward. Thank you David for your patience in assisting me to get up and running. As you promised, it will be a breeze.
Nathan Gin
Footy Tipping Administrator
Salmat SalesForce
Salmat SalesForce are delighted with the tipping software provided by Footy Tipping Software. It is easy for our tipsters to use and a breeze to administer. All issues escalated to technical support have been handled in a professional and timely manner. Thank you for your products.
Ivo Da Silva
Tipping Organiser
May I just say a big thank you for your help today. Its great to know that not only do you supply a great product but you also give great customer service as well. I have told a few of my friends to use your services and all I can say it that I will be telling many more now.

Thanks again for your help.

Kage Maan
Network Systems Manager
Catholic Regional College
We have used this software for the past 3 years and it truely is great. Staff here aren't very good with computers but they don't have to be a rocket scientist to do their tips. So thank you for making my life a whole lot easier. kage (network administrator)

oh and the support staff are great too :)

Shirley Roberts
Yunderup Online Footy Tipping
All is running perfectly from my end. Your (hosted) system never fails to amaze me - for someone who is not very good on the computer I have found organising this footy tipping competition a breeze - and something I look forward to each weekend.
Nathan Hales
Project Officer
Department of Environment
I'd just like to take the time to say how good the software is and particularily the phone support. I have been helped by Kristian, David & John (hope I have the names right...it's been a while since I needed support) and everyone has been great. I will definitely recommend to anyone who is interested in running a tipping competition.
Kara Ritchie
Thornton Partners Pty Ltd

Dear FTS
We LOOOOVE your tipping software and in particular your web interface. It is fantastic and saves so much time running a tipping competition. This year we are running a client competition as well all because you make it so easy!
Thanks again.
Glenn Hanfin
Pearce Webster Dugdales
My law firm is now entering its fourth year with Footy Tipping Software for its footy tipping comp - and we couldn't be happier.

Your product is absolutely first-class and, even starting from a very strong base, you make little changes each year to improve an already excellent, top-class product. But, what really stands out, head and shoulders above everything else, is your amazing customer service. On the occasions that I've had a need for help, your people have been outstandingly friendly and patient and taken all the time in the world to answer my queries. EVERY SINGLE PHONE CALL, EVERY SINGLE EMAIL requesting assistance is answered, with friendliness and patience.

In this world of call centres and increasingly remote and aloof companies, particularly in the computer world, you guys stand out as a beacon of great customer service and this is just wonderful icing on a great cake of a superb product. Well done!

Dean Hadlow
Bendigo Health Care Group

Just a note to say that I have registered my software and all looks OK.
The web interface system is brilliant to use and has been very well received by our football tipping community. Congratulations on putting together such a great-looking and easy to use system. I will definitely be using your program every year from now on - if only I had found this about 3 years ago!
The price is good value considering the amount of work and time it has saved me.


Maureen Herpich
P.A. to G.M.
Le Pine Funeral Services

Thank you very much for this season. The software has behaved like a dream and the results were always waiting for me on Monday morning. With a tipping team in excess of 120 tipsters we needed to get it right week in week out and we did thanks to you! Also thank you for your on-line support and being at the end of the telephone. We only had to contact you a couple of times during the year and the advice you gave was spot on and handled with such patience. We'll be back next year.


Paul Coffey
Computer Coordinator
South Bunbury Primary School

Congratulations on an excellent product. We are rapt - not just with the quality of the product but also its ease of use.
A number of our staff were reluctant to adopt computers before using FTS.
Now, they are becoming confident computer users because footy tipping the incentive and FTS makes it easy to succeed!


Peter Radonich
IT Manager
Buy-Rite Discounts

I can only dream about the day that large scale accounting software is as well written, and well thought out - for both keyboard & mouse input.
This software remains my benchmark for how good a software application can be. Whilst Access is not my favourite RDBMS I can live with it providing the software sitting on top of it is good.
A really big Teddy-Bear stamp to you all - Well Done!


Arthur Stubbs
Rotary Club of Melbourne

The competition worked flawlessly (little surprise) and was very well received by our members and their friends.
We look forward to next year.


From: a former user of FTS (now retired)
To: a potential user of FTS (of executive director rank)
Sent: Monday, March 18, 3:35 PM
Subject: Re: Footy Tipping Application


Thanks for your e-mail of even date. I do indeed remember the footy tipping software marketed by a firm with the same acronym (FTS).

Please get into Google on the Internet and enquire on 'footy tipping software'. Ever so many useful links are then displayed, most of them leading to the outfit in South Melbourne that markets FTS. The network version is good - a virtual environment in which each member of your footy tipping competition does his or her thing in isolation. The system has a nice modular design that completely separates administration and user functions.

The system administrator does need to manage the environment - no system is idiot proof - but, in the event of that not happening, after sales service is first rate. Caring, sharing FTS people like to listen to you. They invariably provide quick solutions on the rare occasions when anything goes wrong with the program, no matter whose fault it is.

Actual tipping, whilst it may be an important - even essential - part of your competition's objectives, is by no means the be all and end all of the FTS system. There are dreamy stats, research files going back a couple of decades and a host of other time consuming features.

By all means lead your staff into this cyber wonderland, but please remind them to take a work break now and again.

Regards from

Bill Wright


Phil Johnson
BAE Systems
Flight Training Adelaide

Great work, guys. Your software has made running our tipping contest a breeze. The results service is terrific, and the telephone support has been second to none.
Well done!!


Rowan Luther
Followmont Transport

Thank for your support and making this such a relaxed and enjoyable way to run a competition.


Michael Cross

This software has been a godsend.
Extremely user friendly yet covers everything you need to run a professional footy tipping competition.
I'll be back next year!


Ian Lee
Northern Land Council Social Club

What can I say about the software? IF you run a Football Tipping Competition then GET THIS SOFTWARE.

There are options available that I would never have thought of.


Bradley A. Tarr
Cybatech Computing Pty Ltd

Your tipping software is fantastic, and the new Web Front-end makes life much easier for us all.
Congratulations on a great program.

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