A simple style for iFraming on your website

An iFrame is a web page that comes from your website with an area of the page, the 'iFrame', that comes from a different page. To the visitors to the page it appears as one page and they do not realise that the content is coming from two different places.

Page with iFrame
'Plain' style competition in custom colours
Put them together for a great looking competition.
'Plain' style with menu on left.
'Plain' style with menu at top.
Similar to the examples below we can supply either of our 'plain' styles (depending which better suits the design of your web site/iframe) in the colours of your choice. We currently charge $75 (plus GST) for this. The supplied style can be used by you in future years.

See the regular styles that are supplied with the web edition.

Alternatively, you can ask us to create a fully customised style that matched your website. More details...

Thinking about customising? Please contact us and a member of staff will be in touch as soon as possible.