Email Problems

Most mail servers will reject the files that you need to send to your remote tippers. The files can be rejected either at your end or at the remote tipper’s end. This is because one of the files is an executable program and may potentially carry a virus. The remote tipper’s email package may also reject the file.

There are a number of ways to work around this difficulty:

1. Zip up the files (both RemoteTipperInstall.exe and fixtures.dat) using WinZip. Your remote tipper will need to have WinZip installed to extract these files.

2. Rename the file RemoteTipperInstall.exe to You will then need to tell your remote tipper to rename the file to RemoteTipperInstall.exe when they save the file.

3. If your remote tipper has Internet access, then a copy of RemoteTipperInstall.exe is available at You can send your remote tipper this link and they can download this file into a folder of their choice. You will still need to send them the file fixtures.dat as well as this link, and instruct them to have fixtures.dat and RemoteTipperInstall.exe in the same folder before they run RemoteTipperInstall.exe.