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Q: What version of the software am I running and how do I get to the latest release?

A: To find out what version of the software you are running log into the software as the organiser. Click on the application menu (the football in the top left-hand corner of the screen) and clicking on the About button. The About screen shows you which version you are running. It is the number to the left of the 'Check for Updates' button.

You can check if you have the latest version of Footy Tipping Software and download an upgrade either by clicking on the 'Check for Updates' button, or by visiting the updates page.

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Q: How do I alter the Venues to display the ones I want?

A: In the main Organiser click on the Fixture button and make the required changes.

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Q: How do I stop the Weekly Prize from being awarded?

A: In the main Organiser program please go to the Options screen, then select the 'Weekly Prizes' section on the left hand side. Select the option to 'set a different prize for some or all rounds' and remove the value or description of the prize in the required round.

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Q: How do I register my copy of Footy Tipping Software?

A: You can't register via this website. To register your copy of the software you will need to fill in the registration form within the program - either click on the Options button or on the application menu (the football in the top left-hand corner of the screen) and select Register. This will display a screen where you can choose to register either by printing out the Registration form for posting or faxing (our address and fax number is on the printed form) or via the internet. You should enter your name & address details and payment details (if required). Once completed you can either email the information to us, or you can print it out and post or fax it to us.

We try to process registrations within 2 working days of receipt. We will send you your registration number via email, or if you haven't supplied an email address, via post. When you receive your registration code it is entered into the program using the same screen.

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Q: Can I pay via Direct Deposit?

A: Yes, but with the possibility of more than one deposit being credited to our bank account on a day we ask you to do the following so that we can successfully track your payment and issue your Registration code as soon as possible.

Fill in the registration form as described above, and you will be able to select 'Pay by Direct Deposit' as one of the payment options. Send us the registration information and we will email you with our bank account details and a reference number that you must use when making the deposit so we can track your payment. After your payment is received we will process the registration form that you sent and email you your registration code.

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Q: I forgot to enter a person's tips last week, how get I put them in?

A: To enter their tips for a past round, double click on their name in the Competitors list in the same way as you would to enter their tips for this week. You then click on the 'Previous' arrow next to the round number which will take you back one round and then enter/amend the tips as required. If you alter tips in a round that has already been scored the program will suggest that you re-score that round for the changes to take affect.

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Q: How do I alter tips in a past round?

A: To alter tips for a past round, double click on the tipper's name in the Competitors list in the same way as you would to enter their tips for this week. You then click on the 'Previous' arrow next to the round number to get back to the required round and enter/alter the tips as required. If you alter tips in a round that has already been scored the program will suggest that you re-score that round for the changes to take affect.

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Q: How do I tip a draw?

A: To tip a draw in a game click on the circle (radio button) in the 'Draw' column. You can only tip a draw if this feature has been enabled in the Scoring section of the Options screen.

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Q: We have people who want to send in their tips via email, is there an easy way we can do that?

A: We have retired the 'Email add-on' that used to be available. If you have a need for tippers to email you their tips, please contact us to discuss how we can help.

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Q: Is there a report listing the End of Season prize winners? What if we have a tie for any of our prizes?

A: There isn't a specific report, but the Competition Ladder for the final round should show the amounts of your End of Season prizes at the bottom and it will obviously list your winners up the top.

If there is a tie for one of the prizes then you have two choices (which you really should have thought about at the start of the season) - either using a tie-breaker or sharing the prize(s).

  1. Use a tie-breaker - Using 'countback'* as a tie-breaker - you should ensure that on the Ranking page of your Options screen you have selected 'Use Count-back'. If you select this option at the end of the season you may need to re-calculate the last round's results.
  2. Sharing the prize(s) - the usual way in which tied prizes are distributed should be used. This method is to add up the value of all the tied prizes and divide them by the number of people sharing. For
    example, if 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th & 5th prizes are awarded and two people tie for second place then add together the 2nd & 3rd prize and share the sum between the two. The person who came next is awarded 4th prize.

* Count-back is defined as 'If tippers are on equal score, the tipper with more higher scoring rounds will be ranked higher'.

This can be further explained with the use of an example. Let's say that there are 3 tippers on an equal score of 125 points in a competition where there are 8 games per round. The program looks at how many 8 out of 8's the tippers scored. If two of them scored 2 eights and one of them only scored 1 eight, then this tipper would be ranked 3rd. The program then looks at the 2 remaining tippers to see how many 7 out of 8's they scored. If one scored more sevens than the other then they would be ranked 1st, and the other ranked 2nd. If they scored the same number of sevens then the program would look at how many sixes each scored and so on, until a unique winner is discovered. If tippers have identical count-back then the program will rank them equally.

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Q: How do I run a competition on the Finals?

A: You can either run a seperate competition on the finals, or continue your regular competition through the finals. For more detail see our Finals competition instructions.

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Q: A tipper has forgotten their password, is there a way I can give them a new one?

A: The organiser can change any tipper's password. Double click on the name of the tipper who has forgotten their password. Once the tips screen appears you can click on the 'Change Password' button and enter a new password for that person. You will then need to let them know what you have changed their password to.

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Q: I am the organiser of our tipping competition but have forgotten my password, what do I need to do to get back in?

A: If you need the answer to this one please give us a call on 03 9533 0444 or contact us.

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Q: Tipping the Season 'up front'?

A: Some competitions tip the whole season before the first game. Tips are normally handed in on a tipping card or sheet. The program can happily deal with this situation, though when it comes to entering tips for the whole season up front, there is a slow way and a quick way.

The slow way is to use your mouse!

The quick way is as follows:
1. Ensure that the games on your tipping sheet are in the same order as the fixture in the software - You can print the fixture from the reports screen. If they are different then click on the 'Fixtures' button to alter the order of fixture within the program to match your tipping sheets.

2. Grab a tipping sheet - From the list of competitors locate your tipper and double-click on their name - you can sort the list alphabetically by clicking on the 'Name' column heading. If you press a letter on the keyboard the list will move to names satrting with that letter.

3. To enter tips quickly we recommend using the keyboard. if the home team has been selected in the first game press the number '1' or for the away team press the number '2'. Then press '1' or '2' for the selection in the second game etc etc.
Putting in tips for a round becomes a matter of hitting (eg) 12112112. If the games on the screen are in the same order as your tipping sheet you don't even have to look at the screen....

4. When tips for the first round have been entered, do NOT click on OK or press 'Enter', but instead click on the 'Next' arrow next to the round number at the top of the tip entry screen. This will take you to the next round.

5. Repeat steps 3 & 4 until you have entered tips for the whole season for one tipper, then click on the OK button when tips for the final round have been input.

6. Go to step 2.

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Q: How do I install more than one competition?

A: You may want to create more than one competition if you run competitions on (eg) the AFL and the NRL, or want to have more than one competition for the same code of football. Instructions to do this are on our Installing more than one competition page.

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Q: Some Premiership (League Ladder) points have been deducted from a team. How do I adjust the League Ladder?

A: Log into the software as Organiser and go to the 'Results' screen. Click on the '+/- Points' button. Click on the 'Add' button. Select the Team and round for which the points are to be adjusted. To deduct points from a team use a negative value. Now click 'OK' twice. You also need to click 'OK' on the 'Results' screen so that the League Ladder is re-calculated.

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Q: Our league ladder appears to be different from what the newspapers show, has something gone wrong?

A: Any number of things can have happened here to cause the ladder to appear in a different order to the media. First thing for you to do is get a second opinion, as the paper you are looking at may be incorrect (this has happened many times in the past).

If that is not the problem you should go back through the results you have entered for the year. Check the games involving the teams that appear 'out of place' on the ladder, as this normally happens in pairs.

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Q: Help! I've lost all my data and I don't have a copy of everyone's tips!

A: Don't panic! There is a simple way to get your competition up and running without knowing all your tippers tips. As long as you have a copy of the Competitor Ladder for the last round (with all the scores for preceding rounds), contact us for help.

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Q: I didn't find the answer that I was looking for. How do I contact you?

A: Find our contact details here.

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