An overview of our Web edition

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Web edition

If you already have the desktop edition and wish to upgrade to the web edition then please contact us (details below).

More information on how the web edition works
The web edition consists of two components.
The first is the regular desktop (web) edition admin program.
The second is a set of scripts (you can think of them as the web pages) that are installed on your web server.

When tipper joins or enters their tips using the web pages, the information is stored in files on the website. When a round is closed then the file(s) containing the tips and any new tippers are downloaded and imported to the desktop program at the click of a button using the admin interface. After the scores are downloaded automatically into the admin program on a Monday morning and the latest results calculated, the latest scores etc are aurtomatically uploaded to your web site so that your tippers can see how they are doing.

The admin program also allows you to configure the appearance and options available on the web pages, as well as allowing you to upload your own banner for display on the pages.

Technical information on how the web edition works
The admin interface of the desktop program is a point-and-click interface that communicates with the scripts on your web site using HTTP - this is for ease of configuration and use. There is no need for any other program (such as an FTP program) to exchange information between the regular PC program and the web pages - if you can browse to the web site, then the desktop program can exchange information with it.

In order for the Internet or intranet pages to work on most servers we have written CGI scripts. Therefore your Internet or intranet pages must support PERL, one of the most commonly used CGI languages. PERL is available for download from the Internet at no charge and is free to use. You might need to check with your ISP or network administrator to find out if your server supports PERL.

For more information regarding running PERL on Windows visit (we suggest downloading ActivePerl version 5.8 or later). For more info on PERL for UNIX (and other operating ystems) visit