This year's results for AFL and NRL (and Super Rugby).

For Super Rugby results we recommend

Below are links to the Footy Tipping AFL & NRL 'results' files. These files are available for download on the evening of the last game of the round. If you visit this page every week then you may need to 'Refresh' or press CTRL + F5 to make any updates to the page visible.

If you are looking for the "official" results page for each code of football, please refer to the official AFL or NRL results pages.

If you are using Footy Tipping Software to run your competition you can import the file directly into the software after you have saved it to your hard drive.

There are instructions on how to download and import these files at the bottom of this page.


Round 27
(Grand Final)
  Round 29
(Grand Final) 
Round 26
(Preliminary Finals)
  Round 28
(Preliminary Finals)
Round 25
(Semi Finals)
  Round 27
(Semi Finals)
Round 24
(Qualifying/Elimination Finals)
  Round 26
(Qualifying/Elimination Finals)
    Round 25
Round 23   Round 24
Round 22   Round 23
Round 21   Round 22
Round 20   Round 21
Round 19   Round 20
Round 18   Round 19
Round 17   Round 18
Round 16   Round 17
Round 15   Round 16
Round 14    
Round 13   Round 15
Round 12   Round 14
Round 11   Round 13
Round 10   Round 12
Round 9   Round 11
Round 8   Round 10
Round 7   Round 9
Round 6   Round 8
Round 5   Round 7
Round 4   Round 6
Round 3   Round 5
Round 2   Round 4
Round 1   Round 3
    Round 2
    Round 1


Depending on your web browser when you click on the link you should get an option to 'Open' or 'Save' the file. You should choose 'Save' and then save the file to a folder of your choice. If clicking on the link doesn't work you should right-click on the link and choose 'Save target as...' or 'Save link as...' and then save it to your folder.

Then from within the software, click on the Import button on the Results screen and browse to the folder containing the downloaded file.