From an admin and competitor point of view

You can look at this example of the Web edition from two perspectives, from a competitor or an administration point of view.

Competitor Pages
We have set up dummy competitions so that you can see how the Web edition might look to your potential tippers.

Here you can see how tippers can join themselves and input some tips by clicking on a name. If you need a password, it will be "a" (No quotes).

You will see that tippers have a game and team histories and league ladder to help them with their selections and can view a number of reports that the organiser can upload using the Web Interface.

Administrator Pages
An additional program (the Web Interface) is supplied. Once a round is closed then a file containing the tips (or new tippers) input via the web will be downloaded to the desktop edition of the program. This file will be read by the Web Interface program and the tips imported into this regular program. After the scores are input on a Monday morning the Web Interface will produce an updated competition ladder and will ask if you want to upload it to your competition's site so that your tippers can see how they have done.

These admin pages show screenshots from the Web Interface so you can observe how easy it is to synchronise your Web competition and the local copy of the software.

Web Hosting
If you can't use our pages or Perl scripts on your own web site, you can have a bit of space on for your competition (for a modest charge). Please visit our hosting page for more information.

You can even 'frame' the page to make it look like the competition is on your website. For an example of this visit our frames page.

If you have any questions please submit them via the feedback page.

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