Connection Options

Screenshot of Connection Options from the Web Interface which runs on your PC

Upload/Download automatically from your website?
Selecting this option allows the web interface to automatically upload or download from your website. If you turn this option off, then you will have to manually upload and download the files to your competitions by saving the files into the upload directory and using the upload/download page of your web competition. If you select this option then you can also integrate the regular program so that downloads occur when you close the round and uploads occur when you score the round.

Web server scripts URL
The URL is the location of the scripts on your web server. It must include the server name and the path to the scripts on the server. For example:
On Unix:
On NT:

Web server type
Unix or Windows NT/2000. This is to specify which extension is put on the end of the scripts.

Check for download file availability on program start-up
This allows the interface to check the server for any new or updated files to download.

Use proxy
This allows you to specify an http proxy server that you connect through to reach web competition. This information should be available from your network administrator. If you choose the "Prompt for proxy username and password" you will be asked for your username and password every time you run the program. The web Interface does not store a copy of this information locally.

Local directories
This is where files that are to be uploaded are stored and where files that have been downloaded are stored. By default the local upload directory is specified as the "Upload" directory under your regular software directory, usually "C:\fts2003\upload\". The "Download" directory will reside in a similar location.

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