Display Options

Screenshot of Display Options from the Web Interface which runs on your PC

Display banner (banner.gif) on website
You can upload your own banner for display on the website from other files on the 'Upload' tab. This file must be called banner.gif.

Restrict all displays to the same browser window
You might want to restrict all the web pages to the same browser window if you are using frames. Otherwise, the informational screens (such as Team & Game History) display in fresh browser windows, so that it is easier to see them at the same time as putting in your tips.

Paginate tipper ladder
This option allows the tipper ladder to be split into pages. You can change how many tippers will be displayed on each page.

Display Find Me / Quick Login on tipper ladder
This option allows tippers to both find themselves in the ladder and enable them to login quickly. They can find themselves or log in using an Alias, Comp ID or Tipper ID. This is especially useful when pagination is enabled to allow a tipper to find which they are on or to login without having to find their name in the ladder.

Competitors' names
You may choose either their real names or their aliases. Using aliases allow the tippers anonymity. The chosen option will appear on the website.

Optional columns
These optimal columns are:
The Comp ID and Tipper ID may help tippers find themselves on the ladder and login quickly.

Competition Summary
You can choose to display the top and bottom 10, the last prizewinner, the last round's games and next round's fixture and a quick login field. The competition summary can be displayed by default to your tippers by changing the start page option under the General Options tab.

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