Screenshot of Upload tab from the Web Interface which runs on your PC

If 'Upload/Download automatically from your website?' is selected in Options, then pressing the Upload button after selecting 'upload updated competition & tipper details' means that the interface will check the regular program for new competition options or competitors and update the website accordingly.

The reports produced by the web interface are identical to those produced by the regular program. Many types of report can be uploaded directly to the website at the same time from here. Once you have done this, a box will appear to the right giving further options. For example, clicking on 'Competitor Selection' allows you to choose a round, as well as sorting by selection, name or rank. Providing that you haven't changed the name of the uploaded file, the scripts will know that it is a report and not only put it in the right spot, but also automatically build a link to it in the correct section of the Reports page on the website. Your upload reports settings are remembered if you want to upload the same reports each week.

You can upload other files to your website, for example an image file or htm file. For example, you can upload your own banner if you selected the relevant option. To upload manually, click on "Add.." and then browse and select a file. When you finished selecting your files, simply press "Upload" to upload them to your web pages. You can upload as many files as you want at once.

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