Running a Finals Competition

If you want to, you can either run a seperate competition on the finals, or continue your regular competition through the finals. You should indicate your choice in the Finals Competition section of the Options screen.

Continue the Regular Competition through the Finals means that your competition will run for the length of the Home & Away season and then through the Finals as well.
If you choose this option and you are awarding a Weekly Prize then you must also select whether or not to give the weekly prize during the Finals. Some competitions (especially if the weekly prize is jackpotting ie only being awarded if a tipper gets all the games correct) choose not to award the weekly prize during the Finals because getting 2 out of 2 is much easier than getting 9 out of 9.

If you don't award the weekly prize during the Finals then in the last round of the Home & Away season the weekly prize will be treated as you specified in the option 'Weekly Prizes -> Final Round'.

Run a Separate Finals Competition - means that you will run two competitions, one for the Home & Away season and then one for the Finals. As far as the program is concerned your Finals competition is exactly the same as a regular competition, but it has only (eg) four rounds with only (eg) 9 games in total.
If you chose this option then at the start of the Finals you will need to click on the 'Start Finals Competition...' button. This will re-start your competition at the first week of the Finals. It will also zeroise all scores, payments and winnings recorded during the Regular competition (it will not affect your Knock Out competition if you are running one). After you have started your Finals competition you will probably want to alter the entry fee and prizes, and you might need to add/delete any Tippers who want to join or leave the Finals competition. As far as the program is concerned you are now running a new competition with as many rounds there are weeks in the Finals.

Putting in the Finals Fixture - The fixture for each round of will be automatically updated when the results of the previous round are downloaded from our website. If you need to input them yourself, or wish to amend them then you should select the 'Other Tools' tab above the button bar and click on the 'Edit Fixture...' button.

If you are using the Web edition then you will need to 'synchronise' with your website after you have completed setting up the fixtures and options for your Finals competition.

Instructions for a separate Finals competition with a winning margin on the Grand Final.
The program does not specifically cater for this option. However, you can get it to request a winning margin for the grand final game, which is then printed on your selection report.
After the Grand Final you can manually work out which of your highest scoring tippers in the Finals competition predicted the closest margin and is therefore your overall winner.
1. Score all rounds up until the round before the Grand Final as normal.
2. When you have finished scoring the round before the Grand Final go to Options -> Weekly Prizes -> Awarding Prizes and select the option "Ask tippers for a margin that isn't used as a tie-breaker". Your tippers will now able to tip the Grand Final with margin.
3. Before scoring the Grand Final, print out the Tipper Selections Report. This will have the selections and margins.
4. After scoring the Grand Final compare any tippers who are tied at the end of the finals series to the selection report to see whose predicted margin was closect to the actual result and is therefore your winner.

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