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If you decide not to continue using eTipping your competition will simply be removed.

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Who uses eTipping and why?I'm Glad you asked....

As eTipping is designed for any business wanting to better engage with their clients via a sports orientated marketing platform, we have a wide variety of great clients. Amongst these are accountants, recruitment agencies, manufacturers, retail and hospitality outlets, websites, lawyers, banks, large and small media outlets and so it goes on…

The power of email marketing. As trends come and go, the benefits of communicating directly with a person via email remains strong! With an eTipping competition your entrants are consenting to receive emails from you, as you see fit to send them. Our recommendation would be to send out two emails a week; one at the start of the week and one later in the week but before the first game has started. You can brand these emails by including a banner to appear at the top of each of them or, to completely customise them, you can enter in the desired CSS.

If you are running an AFL tipping competition with us, and we are managing the sending of your emails, we are happy to include a Preview and a Review for each round… for FREE. This additional email content will ensure that your entrants not only open your competition emails twice a week but read through them, further increasing your brand awareness. If you are running a tipping competition on a sporting code other than AFL, we have some examples of how your emails can look – as they are html enabled, you get them to look pretty much how you want.

If you would like to get more information on increasing the success of your tipping competition get in touch today.

With eTipping opening a great range of marketing, database building and CRM opportunities to you, and your business, is it any wonder that more and more people are choosing to utilise a tipping competition to improve on these areas? Of course it isn’t!

Coming Seasons Dates
Season 2019 Start & Finish dates (Home & Away)
AFL Women's - Starts: February 2nd | Ends: March 17th
Super Rugby - Starts: February 15th | Ends: June 15th
NRL - Starts: March 14th | Ends: September 8th
AFL - Starts: March 21st | Ends: August 25th
Netball - Starts: April 27th | Ends: August 25th
A-League - Starts: Oct 21st 2018| Ends: Apr 28th 2019

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eTipping works better than ever on iPhones and other Smartphones.
Read about a great way to increase the fun and action of your soccer tipping competition with our special scoring system, Tip the Score.
For businesses with multiple branches/ offices/ outlets/ stations/ stores etc we have just the solution for you with B.O.T.S (Branch Online Tipping Solution), catchy isn’t it...

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Utilising a number of third party apps, you can now have your tipping competition included within your facebook page, leveraging the power of social media to increase the reach of your tipping competition and it’s success.

To find out more about connecting your tipping competition to your facebook page, please have a read through this information.

With the season fast approaching get your competition started today.