HermesCVS - a Delphi Addin for TortoiseCVS

HermesCVS is a Delphi addin that interfaces with TortoiseCVS (and hence with CVS) to allow you to commit, add, diff and update files from the Delphi IDE. It relies on TortoiseCVS for all interactions with the CVS server, and has been tested with versions 0.43 and 0.44 of TortoiseCVS and with Delphi 5. The version 0.44 of TortoiseCVS is available from the TortoiseCVS home page.

There are some limitations, the biggest being that the directory that your source is in must already be in CVS. For example, you have to have checked it out of an existing CVS repository or used TortoiseCVS's 'Create Module' to add it to a repository. These things can't be done (and aren't likely ever to be with this product) in the IDE.

It is really a stop gap measure in anticipation of the day that I or someone else writes a native Delphi Addin for CVS, with far greater functionallity.

The commands can be accessed through a menu, by adding a toolbar button for the ones you use the most, or by using hotkeys.

To install, download and unzip the source zip file, open the HermesCVS.dpk file in Delphi and click on the Install button.

Updated 5/7/02 - v1.1: Fixed some bugs to do with tool bar buttons disappearing and with the keyboard shortcuts not working and did a bit of a code cleanup. Also added Web Log and Explore to file commands. Oh, and I have officially started calling it HermesCVS :-).

Source Code (zipped, 134KB)

As this code is sort of beta, expect some problems. Bug reports and suggestions to me.

What's in a name?

Where'd the name come from? Well, in Greek mythology, Hermes killed a tortoise and used it's shell to make the first ever lyre. Reasonably apt, I thought!

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