Downloads for Non-Modal, Modal Dialogs Presentation (17/7/2002)

Ever wanted to display a dialog box, which to the user appeared modal, but didn't want to stop you code from running whilst waiting for them to click on OK?

The presentaion shows how to display a window and disable all the other windows in your application whilst it is displayed, just like a modal dialog. Unlike a modal dialog though, there is no call to the ShowModal() function, which either stops the execution of your code, or diverts it to another area of the program (through events and the like).

Using this method, you can display a progress dialog that is on top of all your other application's windows, whilst allowing your code to execute.

The example code here should work in any version of Delphi, from 1 to 6.

Powerpoint Presentation (zipped, 29kb)
Source Code (zipped, 4kb)

Downloads for Locking Ranges Presentation (17/7/2002)

Since Windows 95, you have been able to not just lock a whole file, but also lock ranges or regions within that file. This presentation and code shows how to use the Windows API calls LockFile() and UnlockFile() to lock and unlock portions of a file... even portions that don't exist!

Locking ranges of a file allows you to do record and page locking, and also to do simple interprocess communications without the need to use complex network communications.

Powerpoint Presentation (zipped, 30kb)
Source Code (zipped, 7kb)

Downloads for Tray Icons Presentation (21/1/2002)

Here is the Powerpoint presentation and source code that was presented at the ADUG meeting of the 21st of Jan 2002.

The code for the component has been modified to include a refresh of the icon based on a windows timer.

Powerpoint Presentation (zipped, 31KB)
Source Code (zipped, 5KB)

You can contact me if you have any questions or you've found any bugs in the above code.

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