Driving into the Storm

I wrote this poem in October 2001, just as I was about to transition.

Driving into the storm

The winds buffeted the car,
the huge grey mass of clouds on the horizon,
the sign of things to come.
The lightning forks from cloud to cloud,
cloud to ground, discharging anger.

The spring storm, marks the beginning of the new
season, new growth.
Bringing rain, life and hope.
Bringing pain, fury and anguish.

The car drives on into the storm,
the wind settles, the first rain
strikes the windscreen.
Long droplets of water,
then drawn out by drag.

The light diminishes, unearthly green/grey
The lightning strikes again closer.
The crash of the thunder,
the full fury of the storm returns,
tree's bending, straining.
The rain painfully pelting down.

Wipers on full, the car braves the storm,
pushes through the sheets of rain,
The road obscured, waves of water
washing across the windscreen.

The lines on the road can be seen,
reflecting car head lights, guiding.
The car wiggles, buffeted still,
straitens, and moves on
towards summer.

themes: wattle | gum leaves | bark

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