My Little Social Experiment

If you're Peta or Dermot, please go here and then email me before you go anywhere else!

I'm running an experiment, to try to find some lost friends of mine.

The idea is that I send an email out to one person, saying I'm looking for a friend. I then ask them to pass the email on to a person who they think might be closer to that friend, be that in a professional way (ie similar job) or in a social way (ie they live near where the person might live). I will then be asking that they come to this page and simply fill in the form below, so I can count how many emails it takes to find my friend.


The first friend I'm trying to find is Peta Bound (or Peta Satch or Peta Semple) I last saw about 3 years ago just before I broke up with my Ex. She moved to Perth with her new husband (Mark Satch) who was/is in the army. She was a working as a nurse last I heard from her. They have since dropped off the face of the earth... :-( Peta and I grew up in Engadine in NSW and where quite close friends for a long time. Unfortunatly, she knows nothing of my transition or even my new name!


My other friend is Dermot Casey. We worked together at the IBM repair center for a while in '95 (I think, could have been '94). He was over here from the UK on a working visa, and we became friends. He returned to England, and I think worked for IBM for a while, last I heard. I would especially like to contact him because he opened up to me in some ways, I don't think I recipricated like I should have. I'm also planning to visit UK in the next couple of years, and I'd love to share a few pints with him. :-) He also knows nothing of my transition, so would know me as Matthew Vincent.

The Business End

If you have received an email, if you would be kind enough to fill out the form below, so we can see how long it takes to find my friends! If you give me your email address, it will not be published anywhere, I just want it so I can thank you. I will only put your first name, where you are, and the date on the list.

You can see the list as it stands here.

Which friend?  
Where are you from? eg Knightsbridge, London
Your first name?  
Your email address?  

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