AFL Finals Calculator

Week 1

7-9 September

Qualifying Finals

(A) Team 1 v Team 4
(B) Team 2 v Team 3
Teams 1 and 2 will host the matches.
All teams have double chance.

Elimination Finals

(C) Team 5 v Team 8
(D) Team 6 v Team 7
Teams 5 and 6 will host the matches.
Losers are eliminated.

(A) 1st Qualifying Final



(C) 1st Elimination Final



(D) 2nd Elimination Final



(B) 2nd Qualifying Final



Week 2

15 & 16 September

Semi Finals

(E) Loser (A) v Winner (C)
(F) Loser (B) v Winner (D)
Losers from qualifying finals will host the matches.
Losers eliminated.

(E) 1st Semi Final

(F) 2nd Semi Final

Week 3

22 & 23 September

Preliminary Finals

(G) Winner (A) v Winner (F)
(H) Winner (B) v Winner (E)
Winners from qualifying finals host preliminary finals.
The crossover of matches ensures there is no repeat of earlier finals.
Winners proceed to Grand Final.
Losers eliminated.

(G) 1st Preliminary Final

(H) 2nd Preliminary Final

Week 4

30 September

Grand Final

(I) Winner (G) v Winner (H)

(I) Grand Final

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