Desktop Edition

With our 32-bit program being our best yet, you are right to use the Desktop edition of our software on any PC running Windows XP and up. This makes it the right option for running your competition on a single PC or across a computer network. No internet required!

The Single PC Desktop Edition of Footy Tipping Software works well if you have a single person who enters in everyone’s names and tips throughout the year. If you would like to have a central organiser, but get the tippers to put their tips in at their own workstation, then the Network Desktop Edition of Footy Tipping Software is the right way to go. This will mean that the organiser will be saved a lot of time each week, only needing to Close the Round and click the Results button; the Results will automatically download for those who have a live internet connection at the time.

The Desktop edition of Footy Tipping Software is perfect for competitions at organisations where very tight control is placed on internet access, as it doesn’t need you to be online to work. If this sounds like your workplace, you have just found the way to run a fun tipping competition, instead of what it may have been.

If you want you can also run a Knock Out competition side-by-side with your regular competition. Oh, and you don't have to pay for it until you are happy with it!

To view a comparison of our four products visit our comparison page.

Price (inc GST) $66 for Single PC edition or $132 for Network edition per season.