Our flagship tipping platform has been created specifically to give you a proven channel to promote your business and products through sports marketing.

Along with Love My Footy, eTipping is a wholly online tipping competition platform, allowing it to be managed by anyone with an internet connection. It is a complete white-labelled system that can be customised to have the look and feel that will enable it to fit seamlessly into your current website or, if you like, you can create an html template that will give the competition its own unique look. No matter which option is the most suitable for you we have the processes for it well documented; we are just a phone call away to help you get your tipping competition to be as successful as possible.

To help you get up-and-running nice and easily, we have pre-filled the basics with options we have found to be the most popular with tipping competitions over the years. For the few remaining areas, such as Prizes, we have created a simple flow where you click on the page and fill in the areas required.

How your competition runs is up to you, we don’t try and force you to use rules we have selected. By creating eTipping this way we give you the ability choose what will work best for your competition. Why would you want to settle for a competition that tells you how it has to be done?

When it comes to the competition Options available, we also believe that you know what will be the best for you to have a successful competition. As it has been since starting business, we are always happy to share our two decades of tipping competitions experience with you help out where we can.

To view a comparison of our four products visit our comparison page.

If you would like to discuss your competition needs with us, please give us a call at your convenience or pick a time for a quick demonstration, or if you are ready to start your free trial, you can do so with a simple click below.

Price: From $550 exc. GST per season.