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Frequently Asked Questions

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General FAQ

What version of the software am I running and how do I get to the latest release?

Split Rounds or Rounds that start on Thursday.

I don't want to award the Weekly Prize this week.

How do I register my copy of Footy Tipping Software?

Can I pay via Direct Deposit?

I forgot to enter a person's tips last week, how get I put them in?

How do I alter tips in a past round?

How do I tip a draw?

Is there a report listing the End of Season prize winners? What if we have a tie for any of our prizes?

How do I run a competition on the Finals?

How do I alter the Venues to display the ones I want?

A competitor has forgotten their password. Is there a way I can give them a new one?

I am the organiser of our tipping competition and I have forgotten my password.

Tipping the whole season 'up front'?

How do I install more than one competition?

Our league ladder appears to be different from what the newspapers show, has something gone wrong?

Can the information in the database be exported?

Help! I've lost all my data and I don't have a copy of everyone's tips!

Remote Support?

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Web Edition FAQ

Tipper has forgotten their password. How do I reset it?

Using the web pages on a phone

I manually put in some tips to the desktop and saw a green tick beside the tipper's name. However, after I have synchronised, the tips aren't on the website even though a green tick is displayed.

I get "Error 4 - The scripts on the website are out of date" when I try to connect to the web competition.

My Rules aren't displayed on the websitepage or they don't reflect changes in my settings.

I want to remove a report from the Reports page.

Why, after people join, can't they see themselves in the Tippers page?

How do I change the round cut-off times?

Manually downloading and uploading your files

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Technical FAQ

Suggested procedure for installing the web edition.

My Hosting service won't run install.pl to setup our Web edition

I get Error 404 and my competition is hosted on www.footytipping.net.au

My web server is UNIX and I get "Error 401" or "Error 403" when I try to upload or download from the web competition, and my browser displays a login dialog box when I go to the competition pages.

My web server is Windows and I get "Error 401" or "Error 403" or "200 OK" when I try to upload or download from the web competition, but my browser connects to the site with no problems.

I get "Error 4 - The scripts on the website are out of date" when I try to upload things to the web competition.

I get "Error 22 Upload failure" when I upload things to the web competition.

I get "Error 23 Access denied" or "Error 32 Permission denied" when I upload to the web competition.

When I upload to my competition, it gives me a permission denied error when uploading stub.dat. I can't find stub.dat on the site anywhere. What does it mean?

I get "Error 407 - Proxy Authentication required" when I try to upload or download from the web competition.

How do I get the scripts to work with IIS 5.1 (as shipped with Windows XP) or IIS 6 (as shipped with Windows Server 2003)?

I get "Page connot be found, 404" when I try to access the scripts or when I click on the "Click here to continue" link on the index page.

I get an error "flock() unimplemented on this platform"

I am running the scripts on Windows NT, 2000 or XP and when I browse to one of the scripts, my browser attempts to download the perl script instead of running it.

How do I set up IIS 6 to work with Perl?

Can I install the scripts on a Mac web server.

The web pages appear broken, using the modern style in IE

I didn't find the answer that I was looking for. How do I contact you?

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