Love My footy

A fully online, fully managed, co-branded AFL only tipping competition which includes $10,000 in prizes. Enough said?

Love My Footy is a 100% online and totally managed tipping competition. It has been created to offer organisations a quick, easy and proven means to both generate traffic to your website as well as stay in touch with the entrants.

Love My Footy is one of the only AFL tipping competition platforms that is truly ‘turnkey’! We will create the competition for you. We will upload your organisation’s banner, so that it will appear on the competition pages and in the emails. Speaking of emails, we will send out two co-branded emails to your tippers, twice a week. These emails will have competition specific information as well as the fun and fresh weekly round Preview or Review, greatly increasing email opens and being read. As you can also include a paragraph of your choosing, it is important to get your entrants eyes on these emails at every opportunity. You can also keep your area fresh by changing it as often as feels right; you may want to put in news, updates or special offers, the choice is yours. We also score your competition and let you know if any of your entrants have managed to get a part of the $10,000 worth of prizes we have put on offer. Yes, we have even taken care of the prizes for your competition.

If you would like to find out more, or have your competition created, get in touch with us today.

To view a comparison of our four products visit our comparison page.

Price: From $750 exc. GST per season.