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Footy Tipping Software has been creating trusted tipping competition platforms for over two decades now, with thousands of tipping competitions made instantly quicker, easier and more fun to run and be in.

At Footy Tipping Software we believe in giving you choice. The choice to use the application that best fits in with your competition’s needs and the choice to set it up so that it runs how you want it to. To this end we have four different products, and we can even then tailor these to cater to your particular needs as much as possible. If you have a specific take on the great Australian tipping competition, get in touch so we can go over your requirements and create your perfect competition whenever possible!

The Latest News

The 2024 editions for AFL, NRL and Super Rugby are now available!

FTS Desktop Edition

FTS makes running your tipping competition quick and easy, on a single PC or across a network. No ads, no spam just a fun competition for work or home.

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FTS Web Edition

if you have staff in different locations, either around the office, country or world, our Web Edition software is for you.

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Love My Footy

LMF gives you an AFL tipping competition that takes just a few minutes to set up and even less time to run as we will do it all for you!

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White-label eTipping

Our white-labelled tipping competition solution provides a Premium Product with Premium Service at a great price.



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Footy Tipping Software has provided tipping competition solutions to thousands of business over the years. From Government and Big Business to Schools and Sport Clubs, and everything in between, we are sure that we will have a tipping competition solution that will match your needs and that it will be at a great price!

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